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My dreams for my children since they were in the womb have been that they would receive a good education and use their talents to be of service to humanity.

So it came to be. They are now businessmen contributing to society with jobs and services that help grow our economy. They are husbands and good parents to their children. They volunteer at their kids’ school and the church. I can say that my dream became a reality.

This is the same dream young mothers everywhere have for their children. Our children and young people are full of BIG dreams for their lives and the country they have known and love since they were very young.  I have known many of these young people. They came to this country “The Land of Opportunity” with their parents, not knowing that they would be called “illegals”.

Our laws are contradictory sometimes. It is the law that all children, regardless of their immigration status, must attend school from elementary all the way to high school. We invest millions of dollars in their basic education. Yet, when they graduate from high school we close the doors on them.

These young people have dreams to become the scientists of the future, that they will discover the prevention and cure for terminal illnesses and that more babies will survive their infancy. Other young people dream of making technical advances in agriculture and livestock. We will benefit with more healthy food in abundance to feed the world. We will have engineers, teachers and all the trades we need in our society.

Moreover, these young people of different cultures and languages will be our allies in this global economy. We as nations are only starting to understand that we can't be isolated from one another and that we are a global family.

There are deafening voices out there full of hate and fear. We must not allow ourselves to fear and become deaf and blind to the waiting dreams that are about to become a reality. Open the door to our universities, trade schools and all institutions of learning! Let our financial resources flow so the seeds of learning grow and produce a great harvest of educated young adults to lead us in the 21st century! We must be united and take this message to Congress that they must see the great wealth these young people represent in our country. That is our inheritance for the future of our beloved United States of America!

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