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After multiple attempts by Senate leadership to reach an agreement on an unemployment benefits extension, they have reached a standstill....again. MomsRising is urging the Senate to stay in session and pass this important bill, rather then go home for recess like originally planned.

Each week that goes by where unemployment benefits are not extended 72,000 additional people are cut off from this program. People like Eva and Nancy who are sharing their stories below.

Eva's (from West Linn, OR) story:

I have been unemployed since May 2013. I have been diligent in applying for jobs but unable to find work. I am a Registered Nurse with twenty years experience but because of a sluggish economy I have had just one interview in 7 months.

I have full time care of my 3 sons and we depend on the unemployment benefits for help with utilities and food.  We have also depended on our local church for food and they have helped us with rent also at times.

We need an extension of Unemployment benefits now so my children and others do not end up homeless.

Nancy's (from Fox Island, WA) story:

I have had a long successful career in health and human services helping others.  It became more and more difficult to be seen as credible in the workplace (state government) as I aged.  Nearly all of the people my age (including me) have been laid off and are looking for work.  Now that the UI is cut off, we are not sure what is going to happen.

It is very hard to find work when you are in your 60s. I had to move to lower my rent and I have also had to tap into my retirement so I could make ends meet. My children are all grown now but they are worried about my situation and likely worry that I might need to go live with one of them if things don’t get better. I am scared and frustrated. Now that EUC is being held up and may never pass I feel like my long-term outlook is not good.


If you are interested in sharing your story and thoughts on unemployment with MomsRising (and possibly having your experience posted on this blog) please go here:


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