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Since the Affordable Care Act passed, I have had a mammogram which was paid in full by my insurance.  The last mammogram I had, my insurance company paid just $12.00, and I had to pay the rest.  I think it was around $200 – I saved the bill because I couldn’t believe they could get away with paying so little for well-care.


My boss is a small business owner, and he now receives a tax credit for the premiums he pays for his employees.


I also remember the days when birth control pills were not covered by the insurance I had.  Not covered at all.  I had to pay 100% out of pocket (this was back when the men on my job were paid more than the women, and women had to wear dresses and pantyhose.)  Under the Affordable Care Act, birth control pills are finally, finally covered.


On behalf of myself, my boss, and all of America, thank you for passing the Affordable Care Act.


I promise to do my best to help spread the word on the realities of “Obamacare”.

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