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Late last night, President Trump, ignoring the will of the people and the wisdom of experts, announced he would end the Affordable Care Act’s cost-sharing subsidies, which will hurt millions of America’s families, damage our economy, and throw our health care system into chaos. This action will raise out-of-pocket costs, deny millions of people access to affordable insurance and risk the stability of the individual health insurance market.
This short-sighted, petty decision will do nothing to save taxpayers money or fix any shortcomings in our health care system -- in fact, it could raise costs by as much as 20 percent and increase the federal deficit by $200 billion over ten years. Ending these payments will hurt individuals, insurers, states and our national economy. Nobody will benefit, and our country will suffer.
Congress failed again and again in its attempt to take away our health care, so now President Trump is trying to sabotage the ACA on his own, no matter the cost. The moms of America will not have it. We made our voices heard when Republicans in Congress tried to pass health care repeal bills that would have hurt our families and our economy, and we won’t stay quiet now.
We urge Congress to stand up to this callous ploy and work on a bipartisan solution to strengthen our health care system, not tear it apart. Protecting our health, our financial security and the stability of our economy is more important than scoring political points.

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