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Twenty (20) elementary age children were gunned down and killed today. . .

Words will never suffice to describe the pain and anguish their parents & families are suffering right now (and will suffer for years to come). We pray for all those whose children and loved ones (28 total) were senselessly killed today and we hold them in our hearts.

The details surrounding this mass shooting are still being released, but we don’t need to know them to understand what a sick country we live in that allows these mass tragedies to happen over and over again.

I have lived through a mass shooting and ache for those that are suffering and forced to bury their loved ones. My daughter Emily was shot and luckily survived the mass shooting at Virginia Tech in April, 2007. I spent time on the phone today with the mother of one of her classmates who was killed that horrible day. We both sobbed & sobbed knowing, from different perspectives, what those families from Sandy Hook Elementary are facing and will be suffering for a long time to come.

In less than five months, we’ve all watched in horror as one tragedy after another unfolds all across our country - in a movie theater, a spa, a temple, a workplace and now in an elementary school in a small community. And yet, nothing from our elected leaders ?

We are all moved to tears & heartaches for those families who will be burying their children and loved ones in the days to come. But, until we are moved to action, to demand our elected leaders do something to stop the bloodshed, we are all culpable in the spread of gun violence across this country.

Please, after you hug your children, resolve to honor those killed today by taking action to prevent more killings tomorrow.

Demand a plan from your elected leaders now.

Editor's note: Over 100,000 have signed on to our open letter to the NRA and Congress to stop blocking commonsense regulations of guns. If you haven't added your signature and would like to, it's not too late! You can click here:

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