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When my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma last year, we counted our blessings: the support of family and friends, and my health insurance provided by my employer.   We thought about the many friends in our lives, and earlier times in our own lives, when we were uninsured and the financial crisis this diagnosis like this would have caused.

As we navigated the complicated world of cancer treatment, I started to count the dollars that my husband's treatments cost and tried to calculate whether we would stay within the lifetime maximum coverage paid by my health plan before that practice is eliminated in 2014.

The thought of my husband not being here for our daughters’ high school graduation ten years from now is unbearable.  The knowledge that some leaders in our country don't think it’s important that health insurance pays to treat my husband for as long as he and the doctors are able to fight is outrageous.

Please uphold the Affordable Care Act and let my husband and his incredible doctors fight his disease  for as long as they can - without financial restriction.


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