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There are less than 24 hours until the end of this year--and the first official 2012 Presidential election nominating process is happening this coming Tuesday.  The time is now.  We need to move quickly to launch MomsVote 2012 to bring forward the voices (and power!) of women and moms in the national political conversation.

The need for MomsVote 2012 is so urgent that a private donor--a mother of two and grandmother of three--stepped forward with $10,000 in matching funds for MomsRising members who contribute in the next 24 hours.

That means your contributions today will be matched dollar for dollar -- and will enable us to launch MomsVote 2012 full force:

This tote can be your free gift with a donation!

MomsVote 2012 is urgently needed.

Why?  Because heading into Election 2012 we can already see that economic security policies critical to women, mothers, and families on Main Streets across the nation are often being overlooked in what, frankly, are frequently testosterone-driven sparring contests between candidates.

* Will you lend a hand?

As we launch the MomsVote 2012 campaign, we all need to pitch in. Today's a great day to do it because your donation will be matched dollar for dollar:

•$10 becomes $20…

•$35 becomes $70...

•$50 becomes $100…

•$100 becomes $200, and so on….

*You can make a donation now here:

The voices of moms are needed now more than ever because families and children are hurting in this tough economy, and we have so much to do in 2012.

Together we can accomplish real change for real individuals. We've done it before and we can do it again. For example, MomsRising--and importantly MomsRising members--have played a key role in passing important policies like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, the Affordable Care Act, the Food Safety Modernization Act, the Consumer Product Reform Act, as well as helped pass paid family leave, paid sick days, and early learning/child care policies in local jurisdictions.  And recently Congress approved a two-month renewal of payroll tax cuts for 160 million workers and unemployment benefits for millions after hearing from MomsRising members and others that these policies are a priority.

These, and other family economic security policies are all critically important, but they rarely make it on the front page of newspapers or into the Presidential debates.  It's time for us to bring the power of moms that brought us these wins to bear in the elections with MomsVote 2012.

Through MomsVote, we will make sure the voices (and power!) of women and mothers are heard more clearly in the national political conversation. We will educate the candidates about what really matters the most to women and moms, register women to vote, and more. We will come at the election process from every side: On-the-ground, through local and national media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, and a crescendo of email and phone calls reminding them that moms are a powerful voting block who can no longer be ignored.

*Will you donate now and double your power in support of MomsVote 2012?

(For the next 24 hours ONLY, as an added incentive if you donate $35 or more now (which turns into $70 thanks to the matching donation), then you will receive the limited-edition "It's Time To Use Our Outside Voices" empowering MomsRising tote bag pictured in this post--and any donation under $35 gets a gift of a free bumper sticker.)

As we go into this fight, every donation--no matter how large or small--adds up.  And every donation is needed now.  In just 3 days, the first official 2012 Presidential election nominating process will happen in Iowa.

It’s time to bring forward the voices of mothers and families in full force. That's going to take some intense organizing -- and organizing takes money.

We can't let this matching funds opportunity pass us by. Please double your power by donating to our MomsVote 2012 matching gift campaign today:

Together we can bring the voices of women and mothers forward in the 2012 elections--and change our nation for the better for our children, and for generations to come.

*Just so you have it handy, here's that link again:

Happy Holidays and thank you for powering MomsRising!

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#KeepMarching: It’s a Giving Tuesday Match!

Rise up to protect women and families in America. Make a contribution to MomsRising between now and midnight on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 28, and your gift will be immediately matched by another generous donor!

A $25 gift becomes $50. Your $100 gift become $200!

Thank you. Your support means everything to us.

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