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I'm a small business owner; I've co-owned an independent record label in Chicago for seventeen years. Early on, as my hobby turned into a business, the first benefit we offered to our staff was health insurance; I believe health care should be a right in our country, not just a privilege for the privileged few. My small business covers 100% of the health insurance costs for our full time staff of seven.  We all know these are tough economic times.  A few years ago, I saw the premiums for my staff’s health care raised by the maximum allowed (in Illinois) 67%, due to a misdiagnosis of one staff's family members. It was a perfect example of why health reform is so urgent.

Now that health reform is in place, a few great things have happened for my business.

1) With the new health care reform my business received nearly $6,000 in tax credits in one year, with more to come in following years. In this economy, that kind of tax credit will make a huge difference for our company and allow us to invest more in our business.

2) For the first time ever in the past dozen year years that we've had health insurance, the monthly premiums on our health insurance went DOWN!

And if health reform stays on track, there are even more positive changes to come.

In 2014, the artists represented by my record label will finally have affordable health care options. I may no longer have to regularly plan benefit concerts for sick and injured artists. I will not have to worry about any more of our artists dying because they can not afford medical treatment. It will be a huge relief when they have access to reasonable treatment options they can afford.

The Affordable Care Act has improved my business, my life, and can go on to improve the lives of the people I represent. We need it, and families and businesses across America need it too. This year, let's celebrate the anniversary of health reform by protecting the ACA.


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