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I'm voting for the healthcare security of our son who has been battling cancer.

Our 9-year old son has been battling a rare cancer called a sarcoma for over 5 years. Unfortunately, this disease will be treated as a chronic condition for the rest of his life. I was so grateful and relieved the night that health care reform was passed in December of 2009. We all stayed up during the late hours of the night to watch the votes being counted.

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, I don't have to worry that my son will not have to face an annual or lifetime limit for his care. I never have to worry that our insurance company will drop us when we need insurance the most. And I know that when my son grows up, he will not be denied coverage because he had the misfortune to have cancer as a child.

Fortunately, cancer among children is relatively rare. However, the lifetime risk of developing cancer is high. According to the American Cancer Society, in the United States, men have slightly less than a 1 in 2 lifetime risk of developing cancer. For women, the risk is a little more than 1 in 3. Many of us will eventually need the consumer protections of the Affordable Care Act for someone in our family who has cancer.

There may not be a cure for my son’s sarcoma at this time, and this fact weighs heavily for our family. But knowing that my son’s health care coverage is secure gives us some peace.

This is a major reason why I'm voting this November.

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