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I've been a teacher my whole adult life, teaching abroad.  My health care was covered by my employers until returning to the U.S. several years ago.  I was shocked to learn how expensive health care was here.

To get an affordable plan, I tried various indemnity/discount plans, but was not covered when I needed skin cancer surgery.  As a result, I ended up paying all the premiums and the entire cost of the surgery, so I stopped the plan and was without any medical coverage for several months. Meanwhile, I'd been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.  After my diabetes diagnosis, I was denied any coverage based on this new pre-existing condition.

Fortunately, I was able to apply for and receive health insurance under the pre-existing health insurance coverage (PCIP) plan in North Carolina.  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, this program will be retained and expanded for people like me.   I am so very grateful for health reform.  I can now feel secure even if major health issues come up.

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