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The spread of common diseases such as the flu, cause tens of thousands of deaths every year according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. That’s the reason why the Centers for Disease Control recommend that individuals with the flu stay home- this avoids contaminating co-workers, schoolmates, and the general public: “You will help prevent others from catching your illness.”

However, for almost one million workers in Massachusetts that’s not an option, because they do not have paid sick time.  A worker who has no paid sick time, must chose between going to work sick and staying home without pay. She may have no choice but to ignore the CDC’s advice and taker her germs to work!

Vicky Lovell, the former Director of Research at the Institute for Women Policy Research, highlights in her work that employers have an interest in keeping sick workers out of the workplace.   She reports that in an office setting, a worker with the flu may infect one of every four co-workers- WOW!

She further explains, that the flu is so contagious, it  accounts for 10 to 12 percent of all illness-related workplace absences. “One sick worker can start a chain of infectious contacts, that can ultimately be much more expensive for an employer than the cost of paid sick days for that first worker.”

That’s why having a simple policy of allowing workers to earn paid sick time, is a sure way to prevent the spread of the flu and keep Massachusetts families healthy  (while helping employers save money) !

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