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I have paid for healthcare my entire life either through an employer or with an individual plan, and at the age 31 I gave birth to my first child. I was not overweight, didn't drink or smoke and did everything my doctor said to do while pregnant. Our daughter was born with a rare and life threatening form of epilepsy to do a sporadic gene mutation.

In her two years, she has had over a thousand siezures and she stops breathing every single time. She is now 2 years old and when she spends time in the PICU (twice a year for two weeks at a time so far) we come home with a minimum of a $250,000.00 bill from the hospital, which our insurance pays most of for us, fights us on some of it, and flat out denies some of it.

If lifetime limits were not lifted, Violet's insurance would run out by the time she is 4 years old and her pre-existing condition would prevent her from being insured by another carrier, whose lifetime limit would run out in another few years. Unless a cure is found, our daughter will be admitted to the hospital thorughout her lifetime and a lifetime limit on insurance would limit her lifetime on earth.

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