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Check out some amazing ways in which SNAP is providing critical support to kids and families. Then join us in telling Congress to SUPPORT SNAP! Some big debates are under way on Capitol Hill this week... Please add your voice today!

5. SNAP's responsiveness to unemployment proved it to be one of the most effective government programs during the recent recession, providing newly needy families with a stable source of food. Similarly, SNAP quickly and efficiently gets nutrition assistance to people recovering from hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters.

SNAP natural disasters


4. Many beneficiaries are struggling veterans, and even low-paid active duty military. More than $98 million in SNAP benefits were redeemed at military commissaries in 2012.

SNAP military


3. SNAP lifted almost 4 million people above the poverty line in 2011, including 1.7 million children and 280,000 seniors.

SNAP lifting out of poverty


2. About 72% of SNAP recipients live in household with seniors or people with disabilities.

SNAP seniors


1. If the proposed cuts go through, as many as 210,000 children would also lose access to free school meals because eligibility for those meals is tied to their family's receipt of food-stamp benefits.

SNAP free school meals








Tell us why SNAP matters to you, your family or your community in the comments, below! 


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