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The 2010 Mother of the Decade is getting coverage across the blogosphere!  We're collecting links about the winner in one place so you can easily browse all the stories about this amazing woman.  Check them out:

MojoMom asks "Who Will MomsRising's Mother of the Decade Award Winner Be?"

- Women's Media Center gets mom on the news

- Flinging Towards the Sun approves of this year's winner

- MomLogic includes the Mother of the Decade in a list of funny e-cards for Mother's Day

- Mami of Multiples includes the Mother of the Decade in a list of unique Mother's Day gifts

- Orlando's Parenting Multiples Examiner column covers this year's Mother of the Decade

- - making a difference for over 25 years for America's children, and celebrating the Mother of the Decade too

- Women in Business know that honoring the Mother of the Decade is a sound business decision

- The Center for Health, Environment and Justice honors the Mother of the Decade on their homepage

- Non-Toxic honors the Mother of the Decade - after all, she works hard to keep her kids healthy and safe from toxins

- Healthy Child Healthy World announces "You'll never believe who's been named "Mother of the Decade!""

- The Maine Women's Lobby makes sure Maine women are at the cutting edge of the news with the latest announcement of MOTD

- Latina Lista notes their name in lights at the awards ceremony theater

- Lansinoh ByMomsForMoms posts about the Mother of the Year newscast

- WordyDoodles posts screenshots from the newscast, featuring America Ferrera, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and notes that Betty White makes an appearance

- PathwaysPA Policy Blog posts why it's especially important to lift up hardworking moms and honor the Mother of the Decade

- EarnedSickDays blog of Healthy Families and Workplaces in PA reminds us that moms and families need earned sick days if they're going to be able to make it to the award ceremony

- Women Make News posted the exciting news of the Mother of the Decade-- and the secret to getting yourself or your own mom named with the fabulous award.

- AlphaMom makes her own claim to fame as Mother of the Decade

- Women and Politics note that all moms, including the Mother of the Decade, need more women in government to make sure our issues are heard

- Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families celebrates moms' power to change the world!

- Women's Philanthropy echoes Women's Campaign Forum- we need more women and moms in government!

- What's Left of My Head announces her pride in being named Mother of the Decade!

- American Association of University Women declares being named Mother of the Decade one of the best gifts you can give your mom (or yourself!)

- YouthNoise asks you to remember the moms who "work like crazy to keep her family safe and healthy" and send them their award video!

- Little Merry Sunshine includes a lovely shot of her mom in her post

- Sneak Peek At Me shares about the parade in her honor, then writes about some moms who also deserve their own Mother of the Decade parade

- Mom101 celebrates her award (and realizes she might, like a Nobel Laureate, have to share the award)

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