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The word “thankful” isn’t big enough, bold enough, or broad enough to describe how I feel about the opportunity to work in this movement with you -- or the gratitude I feel for the way you’ve changed the nation for the better over the past couple of years... even though we’ve been in a pandemic when you’ve been busier and more stressed than ever.

But I’ll say it just the same: Thank you. I, and we at MomsRising, are more-than-words-can-describe thankful for you -- and grateful for what we together are accomplishing.

Thankful that together with other MomsRising members you have made over 876,000 constituent contacts in support of the Build Back Better Act that passed the U.S. House (Next stop: The US Senate!) and has brought us closer to finally having the care infrastructure that our families and economy need, including: a national paid family/medical leave policy, free Pre-K for all 3 and 4-year-olds, maternal health equity, home- and community-based services for people with disabilities and the aging, childcare costs cut in half, an extended expanded monthly Child Tax Credit payment, and more.

Thankful that you (yes, YOU!) have shifted our culture. We’re entering into a new era when more and more leaders recognize that women's challenges are America's challenges, and women's successes are America's success. Most importantly, more and more leaders are recognizing that our country will never realize its full potential if women and, in particular, women of color, continue to be devalued, underpaid and left behind. 

Thankful. I’m so thankful for each member of this community. Your actions, a million strong over the last year, are making a difference, and we are WINNING!

The Build Back Better (BBB) passed the US House last week in no small part because of YOU!

We’ve been fighting, together, for the values and the policies in the Build Back Better Act (BBB Act) since MomsRising started in 2006. Along the way we’ve had huge victories like passing the Affordable Care Act which brought healthcare to 30 million people and passing the Pump Act just weeks ago. And when we pass the Build Back Better Act, it might be our biggest single LEAP yet! Your work has helped set the stage for this moment, and it is what is propelling this bill, and the values of care it contains, forward through the Senate.

We asked you last week: How is Your Heart? Our MomsRising community together had a lot to share, and it turns out we’re feeling a lot of the same feelings. Here is some of what you said:

My heart is grateful for folks who work for children and moms. Kids are our future. We need to do everything in our power to nurture and sustain them.
- Jane from Pennsylvania

My heart is overwhelmed, both with tasks and gratitude.
- Mary from Kentucky

My heart is breaking for the injustice of a teen who walked free after killing and injuring people. I am afraid it will embolden others to kill. 
Laurel from Minnesota

I'm deeply grateful for everything I have - family, friends, career - and simultaneously overwhelmed on the home front and terrified by what I see going on in the world. I'm just trying to do what I can and take it one day at a time.
- Rainbow from Texas

My heart is nervous that the Senate will gut BBB.
- Rebecca from North Carolina

Our hearts are full of so much right now - we carry hope and fear, joy and heartbreak, alongside each other, and that’s okay. I carry these feelings with you. Together, We Are MomsRising, and we welcome YOU just as you are, today and everyday. We are so grateful YOU are a part of this community.

Thank you.

- Kristin

P.S. We’ve opened up our Giving Tuesday campaign early for members like you! Make a contribution to boost the MomsRising movement and another donor will match your generosity!

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