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“It is simply a lie for the Trump administration to claim that the public charge rule released today is about promoting self-sufficiency among immigrant families. This rule is designed to wage war on immigrants by weaponizing health, housing, nutrition and other essential programs that allow hardworking moms and families to thrive. Forcing families to choose between the services they need and the families they love is short-sighted, cruel, dangerous and simply unacceptable.

“By putting admission to the United States and green cards at risk if an immigrant’s family uses Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), or Section 8 rent vouchers, this rule will increase child hunger, child poverty, homelessness, poor health outcomes, and racial disparities in our country. It could affect 26 million people, including one in four children in the United States. That’s why more than 260,000 people filed comments on this proposed rule, the vast majority of them in opposition to it. Many came from moms, who do not want to see children forced to go without food, health care, safe housing and other essential supports. This rule must not stand.”

--Statement of Donna Norton, Vice President, MomsRising

“President Trump’s public charge rule will distort our immigration system so that it serves the rich and leaves behind many of those who most urgently need entry to the United States. It will make life immeasurably harder for millions of immigrant families. It is, unfortunately, entirely consistent with the priorities that guide this President who, along with his allies in Congress, has given massive tax breaks to the mega-wealthy and huge corporations while trying to punish those in greatest need.

“Americans know what President Trump apparently does not, that immigrants are vital to our country’s economy and communities. Our country’s moms have been horrified by the Trump administration’s heartless and damaging treatment of immigrants and asylum-seekers. This rule will continue that shameful treatment and harm millions of children – most children of color – for years to come. It is truly a disgrace.”

--Statement of Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director and CEO, MomsRising

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