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Scary Halloween: Comprehensive gun policy reform NOW, starting with a ban on assault weapons and high-cap magazines!

Over Halloween weekend, a series of mass shootings across the country left at least 11 people dead and 76 others injured - and last week, headlines were captured by the tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, where a military-style assault weapon was used to shoot to death at least 18 people and wounding many more in the worst mass shooting this year. The number of mass shootings terrorizing communities every year has been rising rapidly, from 273 in 2014 to 647 in 2020, more than doubling in less than a decade, and military-style assault weapons with high capacity magazines are the firearms of choice for mass shooters. It is notable that when we had an assault ban law in place there were markedly fewer gun violence fatalities.

In the face of such horrific gun violence that can devastate families and communities for generations, no one should be glorifying guns. Could there be any more obvious evidence of gun glorification than assault weapons allowed for civilian use, with Republican lawmakers even wearing AR pins on their lapels? The ARs need to come off the lapels and out of our communities.

Tell Congress that we need comprehensive gun policy reform now, starting with a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines!






New polling shows the vast majority of people in America support access to abortion care.

We’re asking every single one of our members of Congress to support legislation that aims to protect access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, mifepristone, and birth control. At this pivotal moment, where our rights are on the line and being stripped from us everyday, we need the backing of our lawmakers who are at the negotiating tables and we need every leader on our side.

Here are the top three key points to remember as you take action:

  1. Six in ten people who have abortions are moms! Being able to choose if we have children, and if so, when and how many children to have, is a fundamental human right.
  2. The vast majority of people in America are pro-choice! New polling shows that 69% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal within the first trimester; and 85% of Americans believe that access to abortion is imperative in dire circumstances, including those who lean conservative.
  3. Mifepristone, the medication abortion (also used for miscarriage management) and one of the only available ways to access abortion, is at threat from being taken off of the shelves in the near future. We can’t let it happen! Millions of people will suffer if access to mifepristone is limited. Consequences range from: delayed care leading to higher abortion procedure risks; emotional distress and; people’s inability to safely manage their miscarriages.

Don’t forget to sign on and tell your member of Congress to ACT NOW for reproductive rights and abortion care – and share/forward this email with anyone you believe should join our moment!






Children need Care, not Cliffs!

On September 30th American families and workers were thrown over a cliff when child care stabilization funding expired.

An already-crumbling child care system from chronic underfunding and a global pandemic have thrust child care further into a state of crisis. Congress took the bold and necessary steps to invest critical funds to stabilize the child care market which saved our system from total collapse. However, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) stabilization dollars that saved the child care sector from collapse expired with projections that 3.2 million children could lose their child care as a result.

Sending a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is a powerful way to make sure our elected leaders get the message. Lawmakers are reading their local papers to get a sense of what matters to people in their own community. With the quick and easy tool, you can help make sure policies that lift families, like comprehensive child care, make it to the top of their agenda.

Send a letter to your local papers about the child care cliff now!





WIC Emergency! Call your Senators now!

The time has come for us to ring all the alarm bells to protect the highly successful WIC program! Unless immediate action by Congress is taken in November when it extends the current temporary government funding law, WIC will experience a funding shortfall early next year which will lead to some women and children being waitlisted for WIC and/or their benefits being cut. So far both the House and Senate have failed to provide enough funding for WIC to protect eligible women and children who apply for the program. We are facing an emergency for one of the most successful health and nutrition programs we have. We can’t let this happen!!

Call your Senators now and tell them to protect and fund WIC!





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P.S.– Right now, immigrants are under attack at the border and across the country. Let’s remind the public how critical the immigrant community is to our nation. Please take a minute to share a story of an immigrant family or community member, neighbor, co-worker, caregiver, or other immigrant in your life.



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