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Map plus call to action to Drop a Pin if you have a child going back to school
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We know late August can be a super busy time for families between dropping older kids off at college, getting younger kids back to school, and other activities. This year the stress of the pandemic has made everything more hectic.

We are here to help! This week’s #5Actions include resources to help ease the transition back to school and share your story about how you’re dealing with the pandemic -- as well as about how to help build the care infrastructure that our nation needs through the Congressional process that’s moving right now. To that end, we also have other actions on healthcare and prescription drug costs that are critical to keeping the economy moving forward.

We would love to hear more from you and how you’re navigating this busy season.

-- Sue Anne, Kristin, Felicia, Tasmiha, Gloria, Sili, Jordan, and the rest of the MomsRising / MamásConPoder Team






Caregiving is hard. How hard has it been for you?

This is a 911 call: Tell MomsRising about your caregiving struggles so we can share it with Congress and the news media! You could really make a difference in moving forward the care policies that families need. 

MomsRising is getting an overwhelming number of story requests from journalists and leaders working on the infrastructure package. They are asking us for real-life experiences and stories from moms and family members to help them understand, explain, and – most importantly – champion the care policies they are working on, including childcare for all, universal paid family/medical leave, making permanent the expanded Child Tax Credit, and more. This is your moment to be heard and to make a difference! And we’ll also send you these FREE “Care” buttons to wear to show you are part of the movement to build a Care Economy.

Tell us about your caregiving struggles by clicking here. It only takes a few moments!





 Girl with face mask in a school desk

Three actions you can take RIGHT NOW to protect kids from COVID-19 during back-to-school

At this moment, the Delta variant is sickening an unprecedented number of children, pediatric ICU beds are filling up, and schools are opening for the fall. There has been a patchwork of different approaches to protect kids during this back-to-school season and a lot of parents aren’t sure whether their school supplies list should include buying extra masks. It is irresponsible for school officials not to take these steps and for governors or other politicians to stand in their way. Unfortunately, some states are doing better than others. We know a lot of parents are feeling helpless and frustrated, so we’re here to help you turn that frustration into action.

Here are three meaningful actions you can take RIGHT NOW to protect kids from COVID-19 during back-to-school.






Quick signature: Tell Congress to close the health coverage gap!

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is for people to have health care coverage, especially in communities where large health disparities have long been present. However, the fight against expanding health coverage is still alive and well in over a dozen states as their legislatures refuse to adopt (or in some cases implement) the expansion of health care to low-income uninsured adults. These twelve non-expansion states are primarily in the South, where the majority of uninsured people are Black, Hispanic, or Asian. We need a federal solution to help get health coverage to the more than two million people in the Medicaid coverage gap who live in these non-expansion states.

Quick signature: Tell Congress to close the coverage gap for people in states that refuse to expand Medicaid!






Congress must act to lower prescription drug prices

We are so pleased that President Biden laid out his vision for lowering prescription drug prices in his Build Back Better Agenda. But in order for this plan to pass, we’re going to need a huge push to combat the influence that big pharma has on members of Congress. This is a critical time to speak out! Letters to the editor in local papers are some of the most impactful ways to get a Representative’s attention while simultaneously engaging your community and neighbors as well!

It’s time to make our voices heard even louder to make sure this policy becomes a win! Write your letter to the editor using our powerful (and easy) tool.






Parenting In a Pandemic: Back-to-School

We know that back-to-school has brought with it a different level of anxiety as the COVID-19 numbers surge. We want to know where you're located and how you and your family are being affected as the kids return to school. Any tips you can offer? Any words of encouragement? We are still in this together and hearing from our community, large and small, can help us during difficult times. We have proven that before, let’s keep it going.

Take a moment to let other parents out there know we are in this together by virtually checking in by putting your dot on our map on this page.





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