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We hope you have some time to relax and recharge this holiday weekend, before September kicks into full gear. This week's list of top actions includes sharing why you can't wait to vote, speaking out for SNAP, celebrating breastfeeding, and sharing thoughts on going back to school. Please make sure you've checked them all off, and share with friends and family. Then go forth and enjoy the final lingering days of summer. It's going to be a busy--and exciting--fall. Thank you!

1. Tell DeVos: NO to Spending Education Funding on Guns!

BACKGROUND: U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is considering a plan that would allow states to use federal funding to buy firearms for teachers in order to prevent school shootings. Across the country, teachers have been striking because they are underpaid and their classrooms are underfunded. Using precious education resources on firearms would be not only an unprecedented break from federal policy, but a profound gesture of disrespect to educators and students who are currently struggling in their school environments. Join us to demand Devos fulfill her duty to see that the children of our nation get a well-rounded, well-organized public education in safe and healthy environments by arming schools with the tools and resources they need for their students to succeed, NOT by arming them with dangerous firearms!

2. Spread the Word: Real Life, Real Support for Breastfeeding Moms

BACKGROUND: We know those first few days and weeks with a new baby are incredibly hard and the challenges are real. That's why we created a video highlighting the stories we hear everyday from members like you about the difficulties they have meeting their breastfeeding goals! Check it out and help us spread the word! Together we can help break down the barriers the breastfeeding families face.


3. Happy Back to School! Share how you're feeling ...

BACKGROUND: Happy Back to School! Are you excited? Sad to see the summer end? All of the above? We get it! Parents like us work hard to make sure our children have the healthiest and happiest day possible. Can you take a moment to share your thoughts, tips and advice on what makes a healthy school day? Getting enough sleep? Healthy foods? Making sure the water is safe to drink? We want to hear what you're feeling this back-to-school season, whether you have little ones just starting out or older ones out of the house. Your responses will fuel our newest round of work around a healthy back to school, which will include an inspiring resource kit for parents and schools, as well some really fun social media events (stay tuned for details!).

4. Send a Letter to the Editor to Protect SNAP! 

{% endif %}{% endwith %}BACKGROUND: Next week, U.S. Senators and Representatives will be back in D.C. and they need to take care of one very important piece of legislation before they leave again in October for the midterm elections: The Farm Bill! The Farm Bill is the piece of legislation that funds SNAP (food stamps). SNAP helps 1 in 8 Americans across the country afford groceries. Super important, right?We want to send a loud, strong, important message in the form of our local newspapers to our U.S. Senators and Representatives! When they return to Washington, D.C. next week, we want to make sure Congress passes a Farm Bill that protects SNAP from cuts and harmful changes, like work requirements, which particularly impact people who are ill, have disabilities, caregiving responsibilities or who are escaping domestic abuse. ***Can you take a quick, critical action and send a letter to the editor to your local paper speaking out to protect SNAP? (Don't worry--we make it super easy and will walk you through all the steps).

5. Sign on to Demand the CEOs of Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase Stop Financing CoreCivic and GEO Group!

BACKGROUND: We are outraged by Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase's roles in financing CoreCivic and GEO Group, two large for-profit prison corporations that are profiting off the separation and pain of families. Private prison companies hold contracts to operate hundreds of prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers across the country that are being used to incarcerate and separate families. Sign on to urge the CEOs of Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase to stop financing CoreCivic and GEO Group!


Thank you for all you do, and #KeepMarching! 

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