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Today, in a desperate attempt to claim a single legislative victory in 2017, President Donald Trump signed the GOP’s atrocious tax bill into law. Trump ran on the promise that he would stand up for working families, yet the legislation he signed today will plunge the country deeper into debt, cause the deficit to skyrocket, hurt our economy, and devastate the programs that support our health, education, food and nutrition, housing and much more -- all to benefit big corporations and enrich the President’s family and wealthy Republican donors. This law is a disgrace and an affront to families across the country.
The country’s new tax plan will hit middle class families again and again while giving tax breaks to the richest members of our society. The Tax Policy Center reports that, in 2018, 65 percent of the benefits will go to the top 20 percent of earners. By 2027, the bottom 60 percent of earners will actually see a tax increase. Of course, this enormous wealth transfer to the mega-rich will ultimately be paid for through massive cuts to programs that boost our economy overall and that many low- and middle-income people rely on, like Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP.
The tax law is offensive and not reflective of our country’s values. It will undermine the health and well-being of families and wreak havoc on our economy. This is a sad day for our nation.
The moms of America won’t forget who stood for us, our families, and our economy — and who stood with Trump’s disastrous vision for America. We are now more inspired than ever to keep raising our voices in the halls of Congress and raising our votes at the ballot box. Together, we can open the doors of opportunity for our nation’s children, instead of slamming them shut like this tax bill did for so many. Together, we are a powerful force and we’re not giving up on our children, our nation, or on the American Dream.

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