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**You can listen to a recording of this telephone townhall from April 5, 2018, right here.**


With the student leaders’ call to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE still ringing in our ears, MomsRising is gearing up to fight to make sure as many people as possible heed that call. Through our #MomsVote program, we're getting ready to get out the vote — including making sure as many people as possible are registered and at the polls on Election Day!   

Our fight begins with a launch meeting. We're thrilled to launch #MomsVote 2018 with a telephone town hall meeting at 8:30 p.m. ET (5:30 p.m. PT) on Thursday, April 5, with a very special guest: U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren!   

Text the word TOWNHALL to RISING (747464) to get on the call!

We can do this; we can make sure change happens through the ballot box! But it's going to take hard work. It's going to take us reaching out to people who have never voted, who usually don't vote, or who are too discouraged to vote. It's going to take all of us us working together to educate and inspire as many people as possible to vote as though our country depends on it...because it does!   

We know we are a mighty and powerful force. Some studies show that 85% of today’s activists – 85%! – are female. We all just helped save healthcare for 30 million people, twice! Now’s the time to make sure that our groundswell is organized, coordinated, intersectional, brings along new voters, and is aimed at getting out the vote in elections!   

Getting out the vote in 2018 is serious business. We need to start now, and you are needed! Are you in?   

*Pick up your mobile phone now and text the word TOWNHALL to 747464 to RSVP for the #MomsVote Launch telephone town hall meeting and find out how we are going to do it!

On this telephone town hall meeting, we’ll also be joined by Jessica Byrd, the Founder of Three Point Strategies, who was named the "January Woman to Watch" by Essence Magazine, one of the “12 New Faces of Black Leadership” by Time Magazine, and one of the most influential millennials who shaped the 2016 election by Rolling Stone Magazine. Jessica will talk about the power of voter engagement and why voter turnout is key. We’ll also have a leader from the National Education Association (NEA) talk about how you can get involved in registering students to vote and about the upcoming student walkouts on April 20.   

We’re fired up! And we hope you are too! The elections in 2018 can bring about critically important changes, but that won’t happen unless each and every one of us works together to make sure that all voices are represented at the polls in November to get leadership that truly reflects the will of the people.   

Turning out votes is a big deal – and you can make a big difference. Every vote will count, and the efforts of every woman and mother to drive up voter participation will count! Join us on the call to hear more about why and how!   

*Text the word TOWNHALL to 747464 to sign up for our #MomsVote Launch telephone town hall meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren to start working for change immediately!

Share this post with your friends, family, and every member of your community who is ready to fight for our democracy and our democratic institutions by making sure election 2018 will be as vibrant, participatory, and fair as possible.   

Don’t miss our Thursday, April 5 #MomsVote Launch telephone town hall with Elizabeth Warren – we need you!   

⇒ RSVP Now! Text TOWNHALL to 747464

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