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It’s a good thing moms are excellent multi-taskers because while we are out fighting to protect our families’ access to health care, President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress are busy writing a tax plan that will hand out massive tax breaks to millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations—at your expense!

Not. Okay.

Let’s show Congress that there’s no way to get around moms, dads, and the people who love them. We’re multi-taskers and we are powerful! Senator Orrin Hatch (UT-R), the chief architect of the U.S. Senate tax giveaway and the chairman of the powerful U.S. Senate Finance Committee, has announced he’s requesting input from “experts and stakeholders” on how best to reform the tax system.

Ahem… That’s YOU! This is the perfect opportunity to speak up for our families!

**Sign our letter to U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch and the U.S. Congress and tell them we need wealthy corporations to pay their fair share in taxes so our economy can work for everyone!

Here’s the lowdown:

In order to pay for the tax cuts U.S. Congressional Republicans want for their rich cronies and Wall Street corporations, they need to make massive budget cuts. Their not-so-bright idea is to cut critical programs like Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, and education programs, so the Republican leadership will be able to hand out trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the already wealthy. The U.S. Senate’s health care plan alone includes $25.7 billion in tax cuts to corporate drug companies; meanwhile 22 million people will lose their health care, Medicaid will be slashed, and pre-existing conditions protections and essential health benefits (like maternity coverage and free child well visits) could disappear

The fact is the U.S. Senate Republicans are expecting every day moms, dads, and concerned voters to remain silent while they give away billions of our tax dollars to wealthy individuals and major corporations.

No way—we are not sitting this one out!

Not when so much is at stake. Under Trump’s tax plan the top 1% would walk away with an extra $214,000 a year in tax cuts. Meanwhile average families struggling to get by will see our health care disappear, our education suffer, and other critical services that boost our families receive national budget cuts. This hurts our economy and our families.

It’s critical, in the loudest voice possible, that moms, dads, and concerned voters push back against the disastrous tax plan that President Trump and his allies in Congress will try to ram through—just like they are trying to do with health care. (In fact, they are saying once the Congressional Republicans finish attempting to dismantle our health care system, they will move on to taxes). U.S. Senator Hatch wants to hear from the army of high-priced corporate lobbyists roaming the halls of Congress representing Wall Street banks and giant corporations, like Big Oil and Big Pharma. But we are going to make sure he hears from YOU as well.

Join us in speaking out NOW!

**Sign our letter to U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch and Congress and tell them our tax system has to work for working families, not wealthy corporations. 

Taxes pay for those programs that boost our economy and our struggling families, like Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, and Meals on Wheels; as well as, the public investments all of us benefit from like roads, bridges, clean air and water, strong schools, and research to cure diseases. We should all be in this together and pay our fair share. It’s time for the wealthy, big corporations, and millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes. When they take unfair advantage of the many loopholes in the tax code, the rest of us pick up the tab. It’s because of these tax breaks that we are seeing some of the most aggressive budget cuts in decades.

Income inequality is sadly alive and well in the United States. CEOs of major corporations earn nearly 300 times more than an average worker. On top of that there are already many loopholes that wealthy corporations are able to take advantage of to hide their wealth off-shore or get away with paying less in taxes. Under the Trump plan, these loopholes would be strengthened and expanded, creating a windfall for the mega rich

30% of income inequality is due to unfair taxes and budget cuts to services and benefits according to the Economic Policy Institute. But there is something our elected leaders could do about that. They could take the opportunity of bipartisan tax reform and fix our broken system. Instead of handing out tax giveaways to the wealthy, they can create a tax system that works for all of us!

**Sign our letter to U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch and the U.S. Congress NOW and tell them to create a tax system that works for all of us. 

Time is short. We need to send our letter to U.S. Senator Hatch by July 17th in order for our comments to be considered, so after you sign our letter please make sure your friends and family sign as well by forwarding them this email and posting the action link to Facebook and Twitter.

We need to beat back the corporate Wall Street lobbyists pushing their agenda and make sure our voices are heard loud and clear. Don’t forget to sign our letter on tax reform! 

Together we can create an economy that works for ALL of us!


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