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Monifa Bandele's picture is thrilled to team up with the Supermoms Against Superbugs campaign! As the mother of two young girls, it is extremely important to me that parents and physicians have as many tools as possible in our toolbox to help keep all children healthy and safe. That's why when we heard about the dangers of overusing antibiotics in our food, we joined forces with Pew Charitable Trust, Consumers Union and the dozens of moms, bloggers and activists below to change this unhealthy trend.

This carnival includes powerful stories like Sam's story of how in the course of eating one chicken Caesar salad; he went from being a top baseball prospect to a hospital patient fighting drug-resistant bacteria perforating his gut-- and how he overcame even when there was nothing the doctors could do.

Doctors routinely warn patients that antibiotics should be used only to treat bacterial infections, at the proper dosage, and for the full course of treatment because failure to follow these rules increases the likelihood that some of the bacteria will survive and mutate to become drug resistant. Yet, 80 percent of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. go to pigs, cows, chickens and other food animals. Most of these drugs are not used to treat illness, but to help the animals grow faster and compensate for unsanitary and overcrowded farm conditions.

Decades of science has proven that antibiotic overuse on industrial farms contributes to the development of dangerous superbugs that are transmitted to people through meat, soil, air, and water. We should not have to compromise the health of our families to produce food!

On April 16, more than 50 moms, dads and other caregivers participated in the second annual Supermoms against Superbugs Advocacy Day. These doctors, chefs, farmers, and survivors of drug-resistant and foodborne infections called on President Obama, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Congress to shine a light on industrial farms’ antibiotic use and to put an end to the practices that threaten our health. You can learn more about this advocacy day and how you can help by visiting

In the meantime, check out these incredibly awesome, amazing and informative stories from parents and advocates on the front lines in the battle to get harmful drugs out of our food.

Laura A. Rogers, Pew Trusts
The Power of You

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Antimicrobial Drug Resistance Is Something We Can Not Afford to Ignore

Sam Spitz, Food Patriots
The Chicken That Threw Me a Change-Up

Rep. Louise Slaughter, 25th Congressional District
The Facts Are Clear: Animals and Superbugs

Alyssa Kent, Our Little Virginia
Save Antibiotics; Save Preemies

Dawn Undurraga, Environmental Working Group
Superbugs in supermarkets

Alison Klinger, Oh Mama 2012
Finding Antibiotic-Free Meat in Chicago (Without Going Organic)

Rep. Henry A. Waxman Media Center
Reps. Waxman and Slaughter Introduce Legislation to Better Monitor Antibiotic Use in Animals

Amanda Hedin
Our preemies

David Kessler, Pediatrician
Antibiotics and the Meat We Eat

Russ Kremer, Ozark Mountain Pork Cooperative
From Superbugs to Sustainability: a Fifth-Generation Producer’s Mission to Raise Pigs without Antibiotics

Sasha Lyutse, National Resource Defense Council
Can an industrialized meat system that breeds superbugs really be called safe?

Maryn McKenna, Author of Superbug
‘We Have a Limited Window of Opportunity’: CDC Warns of Resistance ‘Nightmare’

Margaret Mellon, Union of Concerned Scientists
Its Master’s Voice: The FDA’s Dependence on Drug Industry Fees

Beth Hoffman, Writer
Want To Take A Look At The Antibiotics In Your Meat? Here’s Your Chance

Meg Bohne,
Why Trader Joe's? Why Now?

Sarah Francis,
BREAKING NEWS: Superbugs and Meat

Dr. Heather Manley, Human Body Detectives
Top 3 Ways to Avoid Overuse of Antibiotics

Laura Termini, Chicanol
¿Es este el fin de los Antibióticos?
Is This the End of Antibiotics?

Elizabeth Svoboda, Discovery Magazine
Pig Farms Breed Resistant Staph

Dan Cossins, Freelance Journalist
Soil Bacteria May “Eat” Antibiotics

Lonnette Harrell, Writer
Antibiotic Resistance Due to Overuse of Antibiotics in Agriculture

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