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... lose two part time jobs. Panic, take a few deep breaths. And write my Congressperson!

It seems hard to believe that family-friendly policies like HeadStart, childcare funding and afterschool programs could face steep funding cuts. When we elect legislators, they all talk about supporting family values. These programs have proven value in preventing after school mischief and crime, giving kids a great start to their education, and enabling parents to make ends meet. They're just the kind of programs that we should be investing in even more. But kids and their programs don't have powerful lobbyists representing them on Capitol Hill. They only have us.

If you haven't already, please send a message to your Congressperson in support of childcare and HeadStart programs, which are facing steep budget hits:

And everyone's favorite-- a POLL!

How would you finish this sentence: "If I lost my childcare, I would..."

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