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General Electric got $3 billion in U.S. income tax refunds between 2008 and 2012.

You read that right: They paid LESS THAN ZERO in taxes. You probably paid more than they did!

GE got over $3 billion in federal tax refunds between '08 and '12 while making $27 billion in profits.We have a chance right now to close two of the biggest tax loopholes that let them do it -- but we have to act really fast.

Tell Sen. Ron Wyden to close GE's loopholes and make them pay their fair share of taxes.

These two loopholes reward big corporations like GE for shifting profits to offshore tax havens, where the U.S. can't tax them.

Sen. Wyden (D-OR) chairs the powerful Senate Finance Committee, which will vote tomorrow on whether to keep the GE loopholes or kill them.

Tell him now: Close GE's tax loopholes.

If we can pull this off, it's a multi-billion dollar win.


Frank Clemente is the Executive Director of Americans for Tax Fairness.

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