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September has been a MONTH -- and in 2020, that’s saying something. With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the developments in Breonna Taylor’s family’s case, and the ongoing pandemic, our fight for justice has been relentless (more on that in the newsletter below).

In between raising our voices, we’ve been pausing for deep breaths. We hope you’ve been finding ways to care for yourselves and to keep your spirits and energy up the best you can, the way moms and caregivers so often do.

One bright spot has been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month-- see below for the powerful work of our MamásconPoder team!

And as election season heads into high gear, we’re fired up and ready to go. This is big--thanks to supporters like you.

Thank you for being part of the MomsRising movement.





A wall in Kentucky -- an inanimate object -- received more justice than Breonna Taylor.

She deserved so much more.

The MomsRising community stands with the family and loved ones of Breonna Taylor, BLM Louisville, and the Movement for Black Lives in demanding justice.

Thank you for supporting the fight for racial justice with your generosity and activism.

➡️ STATEMENT: An Egregious Miscarriage of Justice, An Insult to the Memory of Breonna Taylor
➡️ ACTION: We will still fight for Breonna






“MomsRising is an organization that seems to get it! You care about children and families and that is my passion. You think of ideas of how to reach out. You keep track of what I have and have not supported so I don't have to remember... I trust you. There seems to be so little of that...Keep up the good work.”







“As the economic collapse stretched into May, Angélica González realized how untenable it was to be a parent in a pandemic…


‘I was failing at every front. I was failing at work, I was failing as a mother, I was failing as a provider,’ said Gonzalez...


Searching for a solution, she found one in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), signed into law in March.”


We thank MomsRising member Angélica González for sharing her story with The 19th -- and we also promise to keep working to ensure everyone has access to paid leave and sick days.


Together we’ve won a lot of battles, including passing paid family/medical leave policies at the state level, and together -- with your help -- we’ll keep pushing until we finally get a national paid family/leave policy that covers everyone and for always.



"New federal rules could make it harder for parents to take paid leave" – The 19th, Sept. 11, 2020








P.S.– We love to hear your feedback. What inspires you to be a MomsRising supporter? What does MomsRising mean to you? Send your thoughts to me, Thank you!




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