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Over the weekend, an educator and activist named Bree Newsome scaled the 30ft flag pole at the South Carolina State Capitol Building and removed the confederate flag. fully supports Bree’s actions and is joining the growing chorus of organizations to call for all charges against Ms. Newsome to be dropped immediately.  Kristin Rowe-Finkberiner, executive director and CEO of issued the following statement in solidarity with Bree Newsome:

“Over the weekend, Bree Newsome took bold action to expedite the process of removing the Confederate flag from public spaces across the South.  On behalf of our more than one million members, MomsRising joins with other organizations across the country to call on South Carolina to drop all charges against Bree Newsome and take immediate action remove the Confederate flags from all public places.


"The Confederate flag has long been a symbol of racism - and barbaric policies of segregation and Jim Crow laws - that continue to undermine people of color in the United States.


"After more than a week since State Senator Pickney and eight other mothers, fathers, and grandparents were gunned down in a vicious act of racial terrorism - Bree Newsome’s action to take down the flag, still flying over the South Carolina State Capitol Building - was nothing short of heroic.


"But we must do more than just remove the the Confederate flag from public spaces - we must combat institutional racism itself. calls on our elected officials in all fifty states to conduct Racial Equity Impact Assessment of our laws, policies, and practices, which is just one vital tool for identifying inequities and preventing institutional racism.”




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