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Moms are scared. Families are hurting. And tonight we were angered as we watched President Trump utterly fail to adequately address the coronavirus pandemic. We may never have needed our government to step up with meaningful solutions more than we do now. But President Trump didn’t do that tonight.  

Contrary to what the President said this evening, his administration has not taken effective, immediate action. We do not know the scope of the problem because we haven’t had access to sufficient testing or other resources. The shameful disinformation and outright lies by President Trump, distorting the truth about public health information including testing capacity, must end. We have heard from MomsRising members around the country who are sick with coronavirus symptoms, whose doctors want to test them but cannot, because tests are unavailable or being rationed. Moms know what’s really going on.

We need the President to speak honestly to us and, most importantly, lift our nation’s health and economic stability. First and foremost, we need to hear detailed steps the federal government will take to address this public health crisis. You don’t fight a virus with tax cuts. Relief must do more than help workers who are ill, quarantined, or caring for others. All families are at risk right now and relief that is broad-based is the best way to protect and stimulate our economy. That starts with free health care and vaccines for all those confronting this virus, support for all those who cannot work, with guaranteed paid sick days for all working people, affordable child care, nutrition assistance for those who need it, and solutions targeted at moms and families, rather than wealthy corporations.  

Our elected leaders must do better for our country’s health. They need to provide medical professionals and states with the funding, equipment, and tests they need to fight this pandemic head on.

Finally, it is laughable for this President to demand an end to partisanship. He should first look in the mirror and then speak only when advised by seasoned medical professionals, rather than continuing to spread lies, along with other members of his administration.

The Trump administration has shredded the safety net, denied vulnerable families essential supports, and taken resources away from our health care infrastructure. We’re paying a price for that now. America’s moms and families are being overlooked and under-tested – our urgent needs ignored. We demand more.

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