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As the weather turns colder my kids are spending more and more time indoors. That includes being able to watch some of their favorite tv shows, like Avatar on Nickelodeon.

Favorite shows are fun, but I'm so tired of the junk food marketing that comes into my home with them. And it's not just on the tv; our kids are bombarded with marketing for junk food everywhere they turn.

*Join me and thousands of parents across the US in asking Nickelodeon to back parents up, and stop pushing junk food on our kids. 

Here's why it's such a big deal for us to speak out: 

Change is possible! Other leading networks like Disney and the Cartoon Network have already implemented marketing standards for child-directed media. Indeed Nickelodeon has been making some progress, but with 2/3 of food ads still pushing junk there's still a long way to go.   

Urge Nickelodeon to back parents up when it comes to protecting the health of our kids, and adopt standards around marketing to kids.

Let’s be clear: Parents can’t just "turn off the TV” to deal with this issue. Junk food is advertised to kids everywhere - not just on TV. Marketers target kids through ads on buses, smart phones, video games, billboards on playgrounds and near schools, the radio, the Internet, the supermarket and more. Ever notice the character your child loves on a box of junk food, displayed at eye-level for a child? It's like a full frontal assault.

Companies know parents can't be everywhere. They also know exactly when, where and how to access the eyes and ears of children. That’s why we need strong standards for marketing to kids.

Don't forget to sign on to ask Nickelodeon to help parents out and stop marketing junk food to children.

We're on a roll when it comes to building healthy communities for our kids. In recent years, major restaurant chains like Burger King, Wendy’s, iHop and Applebee’s have taken soda out of kid’s meals as the default option. And the food and beverage industry’s own self-regulatory body, the Corporate Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI), has recommended measures that protect kids from aggressive marketing. This is all great news for families. Let's keep the momentum going! 

Please post this action link on your social media pages, like Facebook and Twitter, and also forward it around to friends and family.  The more of us who sign on, the bigger the impact we’ll have together because moms are primary consumers in our consumer-fueled economy.  Together we have had a big impact — and we can have an even bigger impact.

Thank you. Together we are a strong voice for healthy kids and families.



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