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It is HOT! And we’re not just talking about the weather! The Philadelphia campaign for earned sick days is heating up this week.  The City Council is debating the bill *this* Thursday and is expected to vote on the bill *next* Thursday.

The vote is going to be close.  We need to act now to make sure that everyone on City Council understands how important earned sick days are to families. Take a quick moment, right now, to send an email to every City Council member urging them to support and pass the earned sick days bill.

Everyone needs to be able to take a sick day and that need is not just limited to cold and flu season. Did you know that extreme heat can trigger heat exhaustion and asthma attacks in children and adults who suffer from asthma?  When you’re unexpectedly forced to take a day off of work to care for a sick child who has asthma or any other health issue, or to take care of an elderly relative, the last thing you want to have to worry about is if you’ll get paid, or still have a job, when your loved one is better (to make sure you beat the heat check out our resources in the PS below).

Unfortunately, two out of five Philadelphia employees are not allowed by their employers to earn paid sick days. [1] That means they often have to choose between going to work sick, and losing a day’s pay (and possibly their jobs) if they stay home sick or with sick kids.

This is a big problem – when sick folks aren’t able to stay home, it puts everyone’s health at risk – coworkers, restaurant patrons, school kids, and, well, everyone. Allowing workers with contagious diseases to avoid unnecessary contact with co-workers and customers is a fundamental public health measure. Our laws are clearly out of sync with responsible public health practices.

Earned sick days are good for working families, for public health, and for business. Earned sick days would help contain health care costs through prevention, early detection, and treatment of illness. With earned sick days, families will not be forced to send sick children to school where they will likely infect classmates and teachers; workers with earned sick days would not spread illness to their coworkers and customers.

Everyone gets sick. When we’re worried about our kids’ health or our own health, we shouldn’t also have to worry if we’ll still have a job when we get better. 

The campaign for earned sick days in Philadelphia is heating up! Send an email to everyone on City Council urging them to vote for the earned sick days bill.

*And please use the "Share the Knowledge!" buttons at the bottom of this post to share this info with your friends and family so they can take action too!

Together, we are a powerful force for women and families!

PS To share your story about the need for earned sick days click here:

PPS Wondering how to keep your family safe during the heat wave?  Check out the CDC's handy fact sheet on extreme heat.

And here's a link to a great discussion on how to make yummy (and healthy) popsicles.  Stay cool!


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