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August closed out with powerful MOMentum! From advocating during National Breastfeeding Month and Black Breastfeeding Week; to working to save the post office, childcare, paid leave and sick days, and unemployment insurance; to celebrating the Black National Convention, MomsRising supporters across the nation were leading continuously on actions all month. Read on about our wins and progress!

And speaking of progress: MomsRising supporters set a record number of new donors for sending a record number of handwritten postcards reminding low frequency mom voters to vote this year! Welcome to all our new donors! Thank you!

Thank you also for being part of the MomsRising movement.



August was National Breastfeeding Month, and Aug. 25-31 was Black Breastfeeding Week!

Your generosity helped the MomsRising community celebrate and support breastfeeding moms and families by:


As a donor, you give essential fuel to advocacy campaigns that support women, moms and families.

Thanks to supporters like you, MomsRising is incredibly proud to join forces with the We Demand More Coalition and Leadership Council on Civil and Human Rights to #SaveThePostOffice. Together we rallied tens of thousands of MomsRising members to protest harmful changes to the USPS, and to flood Congress with messages urging U.S. Senators to restore full service and funding to the USPS.

If you haven’t already, you can participate in this campaign right now -- every voice is needed to stop this attack on our democracy!



WOW! We’ve never seen anything like this.

In August, MomsRising members BLEW THROUGH a second goal for voter postcards! We’re taking democracy to the next level and now sending personalized voting reminder postcards to TWO MILLION MOM VOTERS!

Your generosity makes this program 100% FREE for our volunteers. This is powerful stuff, {{ user.first_name|default:"Friend"|title }} -- thank you!

If you are awaiting your postcard packet, check out our super helpful FAQ: MomsRising GOTV Postcards.



Members share how MomsRising is a positive force in their lives.

“I am 68 years old, my husband just had surgery. We are quarantined like everyone else. Your [organization] offered something hands-on, something a person like me can do to help.

Thank you for your work and including me in this little piece of hope.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

You are welcome, but I am the one blessed.”

—Teresa, who volunteered AND donated for the MomsVote postcard program



Some parents may be pushed out of the workforce due to lack of child care
PBS NewsHour, July 23, 2020


“I think we're really seeing the impact of decades of underinvestment in child care.”

— Nina Perez, MomsRising National Director, Early Learning


COMING SOON: MomsRising Campaign Director Beatriz Beckford created a video on policing in schools that will be part of the Black National Convention website in the coming week!


“Every child has the right to a quality education. Being in schools that support kids' social, emotional, and academic success is a crucial part of this. However, each year thousands of students are suspended or expelled, including hundreds of preschoolers each day.”

— Beatriz Beckford, MomsRising National Director, Youth and Education Justice

Learn more and take action here on the MomsRising blog.


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