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We are so close to helping our immigrant community and essential workers!

What's happening? During the early hours of August 11th, after an all nighter, the U.S. Senate passed the budget resolution and kept a pathway to citizenship in the reconciliation package. We have momentum on our side! Now, the next steps will include the House voting on this measure. 

Tell your members of Congress to support a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients, TPS holders, and essential workers in the next reconciliation package. 

This is a critical time to show support for immigrants in your community! The situation is dire for immigrant families that are in limbo following a July 16th Texas federal court ruling that leaves the future of the DACA program uncertain. Congress has the opportunity to end this uncertainty for not only DACA recipients but also essential workers and TPS holders by creating a path to citizenship in the reconciliation package. 

More than 5 million immigrants have been helping keep us afloat throughout the pandemic. [1] Our survival through the last year and our continued recovery is due to immigrants like DACA recipients, essential workers, and TPS holders who work as doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks, teachers, sanitation workers, farmworkers, caregivers and so much more. Now is the time to take action and keep pushing for a pathway to citizenship. 

Sign on! Tell Congress that NOW is the time to act on immigration! We need a pathway to citizenship in the next reconciliation package! 

Immigrants are a vital part of our country's essential workforce and have continuously done heroic work throughout the pandemic, keeping children and families healthy and saving lives. We know immigrants make our country stronger and more prosperous.

Make sure to sign our letter now calling on Congress to quickly pass the reconciliation package with a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients, essential workers, and TPS holders included in the measure. 

[1] FWD.US: Estimates show immigrant essential workers are crucial to America's COVID-19 recovery 

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