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Ever wonder why the mashed potatoes you eat at home don’t taste the same as those you eat anywhere else? We have a few food traditions over here that I haven’t told you about. Your Momma loves to sneak veggies into so much of what you eat. So, this would be why your mashed potatoes taste kinda different…

Cauliflower! It’s a Cauliflower Potato Mash!

Mashed potatoes are notoriously unhealthy; packed with butter and cream, traditional recipes lack the nutritional content that would justify eating so many carb-laden potatoes. Start a new food tradition with your kids by adding cauliflower to the mash and you will be jump starting the nutrients. I promise it tastes just as good! And you won’t be stressed about the salad they refuse to eat because you’ll know they already got their veggies!

I don’t make mashed potatoes all that often {I’m Latino and am used to pairing rice}, but when I do, I try to boast up the nutritional content by adding an entire head of cauliflower. Yup. The whole thing.

Food Traditions: Recipe Tips
Make your mashed potatoes like you normally would {mine always have a fair amount of garlic}. About 5 minutes before your potatoes are done boiling, throw in your cauliflower florets. Strain, put potatoes and cauliflower back in pot, add milk, butter and seasonings, and smash away!

Since I didn’t really grow up eating mashed potatoes, it wasn’t difficult adjusting my taste expectations for the additional flavor of cauliflower. I started doing this several years ago with a ratio of about 25% cauliflower, but we are more at about 50% potatoes and 50% cauliflower. It took Daddy D awhile to accept the sneaked in veggie.

This simple side dish of smashed cauliflower and potatoes make for a cheap and nutritional addition to almost anything!

I’m slowly getting my mojo back in the kitchen, and Alina has been my number 1 fan. Is there really anything better than having your munchkin feverishly chow up your cooking? And salads? This kid loves salad all of a sudden! Awesome sauce!

Do you mix potatoes and cauliflower? What sneak attacks do you play on your family?

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