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Lobbyist: We can't afford to give kids healthier meals

Moms: We can't afford not to!

 Send a tomato to Congress! 

take action
Take Action

Ever wanted to send a rotten tomato to Congress? Now is your chance!

Last month, U.S. House members dealt a hefty blow to healthy school lunches. After years of hard work to get healthier meals that have more fruit and vegetables and less sugar, fat, and salt in school cafeterias across the country, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to let schools opt out of new nutritional standards! [1] 

Not okay. 

Pin-striped suited corporate lobbyists are selling out our kids. In fact, companies that sell unhealthy food to schools are spending millions of dollars to lobby Congress to roll back the gains of parents and nutritionists. [2]   

It's time for moms and dads to make some noise! Before this bill goes to the U.S. Senate, we need to mobilize the voices of parents to make sure this measure doesn't make it all the way through Congress and become law.

Moms and dads need to come to the rescue!

With your help, moms and kids will win this food fight -- and all kids will have access to healthy school foods.

Pledge $5 or more -  We'll deliver a rotten tomato card to all the members of Congress who are trying to gut school lunches.

Pledge $10 or more - We'll deliver a delicious broccoli card to all the members of Congress who are protecting healthy school foods as a thank you for standing up for kids.

Pledge $20 or more - Receive a fabulous Good Food Force water bottle and also get rotten tomato and broccoli cards delivered in your name.

Now is NOT the time to go backwards on healthy food for kids! Just last year, parents, students, and many school leaders celebrated as the USDA updated nutrition standards for school lunches for the first time in 15 years, ensuring that students eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains and avoid sugary snacks and foods that are high in fat or sodium. [3] The vast majority of schools (90 percent) are already meeting the standards and serving healthy choices to the 31 million students who eat school meals every day. [4]

It’s outrageous that the U.S. House of Representatives is siding with corporate junk food lobbyists and trying to roll back efforts to improve the health of the 31 million children served through these programs.

*Chip in now and help us break through the junk food lobby with the voices of parents and nutritionists!

If we don’t act now, Congress may weaken these healthy new standards and take our kids back to pizza and french fries every day of the week because instead of helping the few struggling schools meet the healthier standards, they want to lower the bar for everyone. Specifically, the proposed U.S. House measures would allow schools to:

  • Exclude fruits and vegetables from meals 
  • Serve meals high in sodium and low in whole grains 
  • Sell foods full of sugar, fat and salt in snacks and a la carte lines without having to meet evidence-based nutrition standards 
  • Delay or even prevent the implementation this fall of the Smart Snacks standards, which apply to foods and beverages sold at schools outside of meal programs [5]

With your support, we'll flood Congress, the airwaves, and social media networks with messages about the importance of healthy foods in schools!

Thank you! Together we're a strong voice for healthy schools,

- Monifa, Karen, Donna, Migdalia and the rest of the team! 


PS - If you haven't already, urge your member of Congress to protect our children’s health by maintaining strong nutrition standards for school foods here:


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