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It’s the dog days of summer and the kids are getting restless. MomsRising to the rescue!  

We have an easy and powerful end of summer activity for the kids. It’s simple: just ask your kids, grandkids, and pint sized charges to color encouraging messages that support affordable, high quality early learning and childcare for all—like “Keep going for a bright future” from our Miles Ahead for Early Learning coloring activity book—and we will personally deliver their colorful artwork to members of Congress in September.

*Get your free, fun, and high impact coloring activities here!

What for? In just a few weeks MomsRising members and their kids will gather on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C. to urge U.S. Senators and Representatives to invest in early learning programs, like childcare and pre-k! This is a way for you to be directly represented in D.C. without actually being there in person.

Why now? While Congress races to finish up the budget; toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages will literally be racing around the Capitol to remind Congress to invest in kids. We will also be delivering the decorated messages in support of high-quality, affordable early learning and childcare opportunities or all kids from people like YOU who live all over the country.

This is a national emergency! In the past 30 years, childcare costs for working families have increased by 70%. [1] With the high cost of childcare, we’re racing to tell elected leaders that there is no time to waste for parents who are struggling to keep up with the rising costs of care, which already costs more than college in most states in our nation.

Parents need safe, enriching care for their kids so they can work; and kids need high quality programs so they start and finish strong in life.

Show our elected leaders that families are counting on them to invest in early learning! It’s easy! We just need you, your kids/grandkids, and your family and your friends to decorate relay signs to cheer lawmakers on to move miles ahead with early learning. When you send those decorated relay signs to us, we'll personally deliver them to Congress!

*Sign up now, and we’ll email you everything you need! It's easy -- and it will have a big impact!

Here’s the good news: we all win with high-quality affordable childcare and early learning programs.

Investing in early learning is good for families, businesses, and the economy. Children who have high-quality early learning experiences are more likely to succeed in school, graduate from high school, gain stable employment, and are less likely to be arrested later in life. [2] And when families have access to quality early learning opportunities, parents are able to focus on work without the stress of unreliable care. Not to mention that investments in high-quality early learning programs actually save future dollars for everyone. For every one dollar invested in high-quality early learning, we see a return of up to eight dollars! [3]

Investing in early learning is a win-win-win! Now we need to make sure elected leaders race to the finish line to win on early learning.  

****Sign up now to send a powerful (and colorful!) message to Congress about investments in childcare and preschool!

Power up for early learning by sending our elected leaders a strong message in bright colors!

*Don't worry. This is easy and won't take much time. We’ll email you everything you need to decorate your relay signs (except the crayons), so grab your friends, relatives, and kids. Have a blast AND make a difference! Sign up to color a few signs and we’ll deliver them to members of Congress!

The more of us who make our voices heard, the bigger the impact we'll have together. So please post this link on Facebook and Twitter too so others can make some relay signs to cheer on our leaders.

Not sure you want to break out the crayons? That’s okay! Tell us why quality, affordable childcare or preschool is important to you and your family and we will deliver your comments directly to elected leaders here!



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