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Health reform is in the birthing process and we need a strong push for kids!

Right now, there's an important debate happening in the U.S. Senate about children's health coverage and we must make sure that our kids are represented.

Tell your Senators to co-sponsor and/or support the Casey CHIP Amendment to the health reform bill:

What is the CHIP amendment? This week, Senator Casey introduced an amendment to the Senate health bill that will make sure the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) continues with full funding through fiscal year 2019. This popular and successful program - which enjoys strong bipartisan support -- provides high quality and comprehensive coverage to about 7 million children. The Casey CHIP amendment would continue to fund and maintain CHIP until we have concrete assurances that children's coverage in the new health insurance exchange provides low income children with coverage that is comparable or better than what kids currently get through CHIP.

Why is this important? Too many women, children, and families are struggling with meeting children's basic needs for a healthy start like access to doctors' appointments. We know that when families are financially on the edge, an increase in health care costs can greatly reduce access to care. Preventive care and early intervention are crucial for addressing children's health issues--and save money for all of us in the long run. [1]

Health reform holds the promise of finally providing secure and stable healthcare for families. But, we must take action now to make sure that it doesn't inadvertently cause some kids to have more expensive and less comprehensive coverage than they have now.

Send a letter to your Senators now asking them to co-sponsor and/or support the Casey CHIP Amendment.

Congress is acutely aware of input from their constituents about health reform right now. We need to make sure that there is a vocal constituency of moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone who has ever had a mom, speaking up for our kids and demanding that health reform gets done now and gets it right for kids and families.

We must create economic security for more than just the Wall Street bankers who are lining their pockets with bonuses. We need to invest in giving kids a healthy start, and that starts by making sure they're made better off in health reform now.

[1] Kaiser Family Foundation, Children and Health Reform: Assuring Coverage That Meets Their Healthcare Needs,

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