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The 2018 election swept a record number of women into elected office, but that would never have happened without a massive spike in women candidates, many of whom said they were driven to run because of the Trump presidency.

Well, Trump is still President. And even with 102 women now serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, that’s still just 24% of the seats when we need at least 50% for equal representation.

So if you have been thinking of running for office – locally, statewide, or at the national level – even just a little bit, stop thinking and start preparing. This is your time!

Sign up for the #RunAsYouAre 2019: National Training, on Saturday, May 18, near YOU, FREE for MomsRising members. (Use Code “MOMSRISING” to waive the registration fee for MomsRising members) 

[For browser readers, the cities listed are: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Durham, Fayetteville, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Rochester, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington, D.C..]

The #RunAsYouAre 2019: National Training is for women who want to run for office and support other women who want to run. It’s organized by VoteRunLead, the largest and most diverse training organization for women candidates, in partnership with Facebook, WeWork, MomsRising, and others.

On May 18, over the course of an unforgettable day, women will gather in 20 cities across the country with certified trainers and take the award-winning #RunAsYouAre Candidate Training Workshop. Not only will they receive training, they will network and bond with each other in order to create the support network that will help them lift each other up and win. Participants will further be inspired by interviews and stories from VoteRunLead founders and special guests.

RSVP here to join the #RunAsYouAre 2019: National Training, on Saturday, May 18, FREE for MomsRising members. (Use Code “MOMSRISING” to waive the registration fee for MomsRising members!)

Why is MomsRising partnering with VoteRunLead for this important opportunity? Because we know that MomsRising’s membership is filled with leaders – the s/heroes in cities and towns across the nation who are stepping up and leading the change their communities and our country needs. That’s why #RunAsYouAre 2019: National Training is free to MomsRising members!

Sign up now! (Use Code “MOMSRISING” to waive the registration fee for MomsRising members)

There is no perfect time to run for office. There is no right time. There is only the necessary time, and it’s necessary NOW for women to step up and prepare to run.

***Please share this post with any woman you know is interested in running for office, or whom you think should run. I’m excited to see as many MomsRising members as possible take advantage of this exciting and important event!

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