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It’s time to save our kids! Food and beverage companies are targeting our kids with their advertising.  And they’re not selling fruits and vegetables! They’re selling soda, fast food, candy and sugary cereals—all day and every day.

As a parent, I know this is the wrong recipe for our kids’ health!

Fortunately, a special working group created by Congress has been meeting to develop voluntary principles to guide food industry marketing efforts. The Working Group’s proposed marketing principles were recently released and the Federal Trade Commission is currently soliciting comments from the public.

I encourage all readers of this blog to can go and post your comments here.

We need truth in advertising. Whether it’s television ads, cell phone ads or social media, food companies need to stop selling unhealthy foods and start giving us the truth. That’s why the Working Group has established some important guidelines. For example, any advertising on television programs with a 30% young child audience would be considered “targeting” those kids. I encouraged the FTC to stand firm on its core principles and not water them down during the comment and revision period.

Food and beverages manufacturers always say they support healthy eating. Here’s their chance to prove it. They should adopt these guidelines now.


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