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Story by Alessandra Gaia Gorini

Happy and healthy, this is how I feel and when I sit at my table to eat, I thank my family for teaching me simple behaviors to learn to love myself, starting in the kitchen!

Since I was 16, I’ve been cooking. It makes me feel real and it gives me the feeling of being in harmony with the planet. I have to say that my food adventures have inspired much of my youth group, making them feel proud of introducing food activities to promote a sustainable life!

The Food Revolution, and Jamie Oliver, are bringing us back on the happy track!  It is the concept of a “revolution” that I like the most, a revolution to bring us back to our happiness. We are a society that have tried to “recreate” and copy Nature through the creation of chemicals and we are now going back to our roots - to find the real, genuine and simple pleasures to make us live better and healthier.

As an Italian who has been living abroad and travelling internationally for 15 years while working on sustainable issues to promote a different urban life, I keep a blog filled with food, nutrition and thoughts for our sleeping brains! I also give cooking classes, nutritional advice and organize trips to give people the gift of beauty and good food!
I try not to be a “Guru”, but just myself, bringing back to people what I have in my heart: elegance, beauty and simplicity when it comes to food. I always say that not that much money is needed to be beautiful outside and inside and that good food and healthy habits bring us back to good attitudes and positive behaviors.  I am definitely very happy to be a Food Revolution Ambassador and part of the Food Revolution Movement!

Food Revolution Day!

This year for Food Revolution Day, I have decided to organize a special cooking celebration, a contest! It will be a way to share recipes that people love and to encourage our friends and community to cook more. Each ‘amateur chef’ will prepare their own dish and all the dishes will be presented (if they are ready!) in my kitchen. Participants can only take part in one category – starter, first course, second course or dessert. People can get involved simply by submitting a recipe, along with a story about why you it is your favorite recipe and what joy it brings to others. The goal of the contest is to share the love and warmth of your kitchen with others — and to have a fun time doing so! Participants will bring their dishes, write the recipes, and distribute them to the other participants: a way for everyone to have a memory of this day! We will take pictures of the evening, the dishes and the winners, and we will post them on our Food Revolution Ambassadors page!

Wherever you are around the world, get inspired to organize a contest or another Food Revolution Day activity and add it to
Jamie Oliver started simple and look at what he has now begun and what we are all a part of. We can make any change to our lives and to our world if we want to; let’s show that we are all together, let’s generate this moment in life, where we make history happen!

About the author: Alessandra Gaia Gorini is a doctorate in Biology, has worked as a journalist and production manager for the Italian Broadcasting Channel, RAI, and as International Communicator and P.R. for WWF and Greenpeace. Gaia is the Founder and Director of  the Foundation Y4PT (Youth For Public Transport), the first and unique international group of young people committed to a new lifestyle all around the world, creating a global network of interconnected solutions on sustainability and Public Transport. Love for nature, Sustainability, Empathy, Art, Music  and Cooking are infusing her passions.

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