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No matter what you are telling yourself, New Year’s has long passed. We are in Chinese New Year, we’re approaching spring -- but it’s still not too late to incorporate exercise in your and your family’s routine!


Here are some of my favorite ones:


1. Frog Jumps

Just like it sounds. Get down on the grown in a low squat with your bum nearly touching the floor and jump and “Catch the flies” with your hands. (Stretch out and jump as high as possible)


Do four sets of ten for beginners. Kids love these. They treat it like a game, but really, you’re working out your legs and bum!


2. Downward dog pose

Cue in kids giggling here. It’s a good core workout, too!


3. Jumping jacks

Kids might not get the perfect form with this one, but it gets them moving and you’ll be able to complete quite a bit as long as they have the energy!


4. Situps

Kids love to help mom! Have them stand on your toes and as you come up challenge yourself and see if you can touch their tummies! They get a kick out of that! Three sets of 15 for starters.


5. Planking

Kids love this one as well. The downward plank is easier for them in terms of form. Hold 30 seconds.


6. Squat Baby Lifts

If you have a little one that’s under 25 pounds, you can pick her up and hold her while you squat. Great for arms and legs -- and babies giggle a ton! Do two sets of ten.  


7. Piggyback squats

Self-explanatory. Have a kid on your back and lower yourself into squats. The kid gets a free and safe ride (since your stationary), and you get some weight lifting in! Do as many as you can! Kids usually love to do this one as long as possible.  


8. Twinkle Toe Stretch

Tell your little ones to put their legs together and reach for their twinkle toes!


9. Reach Stretch

Spread your legs out as far as they can go and touch your toes. Reach in the middle for each other and stretch!


In total this takes about 25 minutes. Try to repeat the cardio three times before stretching. It’s enough to get your heart rate up, have a cool down, and set some fitness goals with your little ones without having to leave your home or pay for a gym membership!


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