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Nothing says summer more than long days, sunshine, and taking action on "hot" issues that really matter to moms and families! And we're here to help. Below please find this week's list of top-priority actions, sure to make you "cool" this week. (We're being a little playful; after all, it's summer! But these issues are no joke.)

Take all 5 actions at once, or do one a day. Your choice. What matters most is that you continue to speak out! And be sure to share this list with friends and family too.

Thank you!


1. Send a Letter to the Editor Opposing the U.S. Senate Health Care Bill!

BACKGROUND: U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was trying to rush his terrible, horrible, no good ‘health care’ (really, wealth care) bill, The Better Care Reconciliation Act/Trumpcare, through the U.S. Senate before the 4th of July recess, but on Tuesday he said he was delaying the vote because he doesn’t have support.

But to be very, very clear: we have won a very small battle—not the war. This is just a delay. They are going to rewrite parts of the bill in an attempt to build support from key senators and schedule a vote in the coming weeks. So we can’t let up! We need to keep speaking out for our families’ health care!

This week Senators are in their districts for the July 4th recess and we want to flood them with messages from every direction that their constituents are strongly opposed to the terrible Republican healthcare bill.

***Can you help speak out for quality, affordable health care and send a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper? (Don’t worry—we’ve made it very easy for you. Just click on the link and we’ll walk you through the whole process)


2. Tell Congress: Don't Deregulate Gun Silencers.

BACKGROUND: Congress must reject the Hearing Protection Act, which would deregulate gun silencers and make our families and communities far less safe. Silencers were not designed to protect hearing, but to disguise the sound of gunfire. If they become widely available and used, gunfire would become much harder to identify, endangering the public and impeding law enforcement’s ability to swiftly respond to shootings. Deregulating silencers has little to do with protecting hearing and a lot to do with profits: Silencers are the fastest growing segment of the shooting market, and deregulation would help sales soar because buyers – including the dangerously mentally ill, domestic abusers, and people with violent records – would no longer need to undergo background checks or be registered. Tell Congress to reject the Hearing Protection Act now!


3. Got a Story About Childcare? We Want to Hear It!

BACKGROUND: To build momentum nationally for childcare, we need families (like yours!) to share their experiences in order to show our leaders that high-quality, affordable childcare is a priority for their constituents.

Are you struggling to afford high-quality childcare? Do you have a childcare success story? Are you a care provider who isn't earning a livable wage? Did you have trouble finding a childcare program that works for your family? Did someone in your family have to quit their job because childcare was too expensive or not available? Tell us about it by clicking on this link and we'll share your experience directly with leaders!

The good, the bad, the complicated - we want to hear it! Personal experiences are powerful and can make a HUGE difference in helping elected leaders understand why supporting access to high-quality, affordable childcare is so important.


4. Tell FDA: NO Delays to Menu Labeling!

BACKGROUND: The FDA just proposed DELAYING menu labeling until 2018. Even worse: it may weaken how calories are labeled or make them harder to find. This is bad news for families. Eighty percent of Americans support menu labeling in chain restaurants, and 81% support having restaurants provide information about prepared foods. Can you join us in speaking out? The FDA is accepting comments on this proposal through early August. Menu labeling gives parents the information they need to make healthy choices for their families. Eating out shouldn't be a guessing game. Add your voice today! 


5. Have You Had a Complicated Pregnancy or Birth? Please Share.

BACKGROUND: More U.S. women are dying from pregnancy or childbirth complications today than in recent history. The U.S. has one of the worst maternal mortality rates of any developed nation. There are also scary racial disparities. In the past 5 decades, Black women have consistently experienced an almost 4-times greater risk of death from pregnancy complications than White women. This increased risk is independent of age, parity, or education.

This is why we need YOUR story. Have you experienced health complications related to birth before, during or after delivery? Have you or someone you loved gone through a traumatic birth experience? Have you experienced unsatisfactory care or access to care when it came to maternity and/or birth? Share your thoughts and experiences with MomsRising and we’ll include it in materials we use to educate our nation and decisionmakers about the maternal health problem in this country as we work to ensure that the health of women and their children are made a priority!


Thank you for all you do superheroes! #KeepMarching!

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