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Nov. 4: It's All About Women

October 30, 2014
The other day I read a statistic that made me laugh a little. It said women’s issues are shaping up as the second-biggest issue among voters this year, behind only the economy. Really? I don’t think so. We are the economy. Women’s issues, family issues, are economic issues. And, as we know every single day, economic issues are women’s issues. That’s why this election is so important to us. And why we’re so important in this election. In a few days, we’ll have the opportunity to determine what kind of economy we will have—what kind of future—by electing leaders who will work for all of us. In...
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Interview with Tacoma City Councilperson Ryan Mello on paid sick days

October 29, 2014
Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland has said she supports passing a paid sick leave bill this year. You’ve been leading on this issue for some time. What do you think about the details the Mayor has shared? //Ryan Mello, Tacoma City Councilperson: I’m glad Mayor Strickland understands that cities need to take the lead on issues like paid sick leave, but...
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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Current Policy Choices Aid Abusers

October 23, 2014
This post originally appeared on . We cannot separate support for domestic violence survivors from support for a robust safety net. is dedicated to demonstrating that we know how to dramatically reduce poverty; we just need to build the political will. Make sure to like TalkPoverty on Facebook and follow us on Twitter ! Since the passage of the Violence Against Women Act twenty years ago, opinions among the public and politicians have shifted remarkably from viewing domestic violence as a private family matter to expressing overwhelming support for survivors...
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Old Fight, New Approach: Companies Profit from Parity

October 20, 2014
So you have an important job interview. Your sitter cancels. What do you do? When it happened to First Lady Michelle Obama, she packed up baby Malia, carted her into that job interview, and was completely surprised when she still landed the job.
The First Family's efforts to make sure our workplaces are not something out of a " Mad Men episode" comes from a very personal place.
This month is National Work and Family Month . It is a public awareness campaign to encourage companies to respond to America's modern dual income family paradigm. 

Why they would have to be encouraged at all...
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From Cuddling to Canvassing

October 14, 2014
Lately, our idea of a hot date is to fling ourselves onto the couch. Then my husband casts me a knowing glance. I nod. And the big turn on begins. With the touch of Casanova, he fondles not just one, but five remotes, as we settle in to enjoy the PBS series about Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Sexy? Not even I am that clinical . But there is something satisfying about watching this series with the man I love. Together, we learn tidbits of history that help us make sense of our world. We gasp at a sepia image of shacks dotting an urban waterfront. Could that be Seattle? These...
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11 Great Reasons to Vote

October 14, 2014
We’re just a few weeks away from an incredibly important election. The votes people cast Nov. 4 will shape our future and our children’s. I’m sure you are planning to vote, but maybe you know people who are on the fence—who think elections in non-presidential years just aren’t that important. Not true! Here are 11 great reasons you can share with them to get them to the polls: 11. Bad politicians aren’t just elected by people who vote for them. They’re also elected by people who don’t vote at all. Don’t help elect politicians who work against your interests. 10. You can elect leaders who will...
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California Passes Paid Sick Days Bill!

September 3, 2014
California has long led the way in establishing family friendly workplace policies, from enacting the nation's first paid leave program in 2002, to the nation's first citywide paid sick days law in San Francisco in 2007. Last week, the state legislature made further history by passing a bill that would allow around 6.5 million additional California workers to earn paid sick days. The bill's next stop is Governor Jerry Brown's desk and the great news is that he has already voiced his support for the bill!
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Tener Días de Enfermedad Pagados Es Importante Para Mí

August 22, 2014
To read this blog post in English, click here . Tener días de enfermedad pagados es importante para mí como madre. Soy una madre soltera que siempre recibe esas llamadas angustiosas de la escuela cuando mi hijo está enfermo: “Tu hijo esta enfermo, necesitas recogerlo inmediatamente.” Mi hijo tiene 9 años así que ha pasado la etapa de enfermedades. Pero recuerdo muy bien esos primeros años dificiles. Es como si nuestro niños estuvieran programados para enfermarse cuando tomar un día libre sería un desastre. En mi trabajo anterior, llamar enferma era una de las cosas mas temidas. Un jefe...
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El Pago de Día de Enfermedad es un Derecho Humano Básico

August 22, 2014
To read this blog post in English, click here . Como Presidente del Sindicato de Trabajadores de New York del AFL-CIO , represento a más de 1,3 millones de trabajadores de muchas industrias y profesiones en el sector privado, público y en asociaciones de construcción. Muchos de estos trabajadores tienen el beneficio de acuerdo colectivo que establece obtener días libres con paga salarial durante enfermedades. Sin embargo, continúan muchísimos más trabajadores en Estados Unidos quienes no pueden tomar días de descanso por enfermedad y si lo hacen enfrentan el riesgo de acción disciplinaria o...
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Por qué necesitamos permisos de ausencia por enfermedad pagados

August 21, 2014
Las madres no deberían de escoger entre sus trabajos y la salud de sus familias. Pero frecuentemente, compañías obligan a las mujeres tomar esta decisión. Lo sé porque me pasó a mí. Estuve embarazada con mi segundo hijo cuando trabajaba para un centro de llamadas de T-Mobile en Nashville, Tennessee. Fue un embarazo muy difícil. Tuve que tomar medicamentos para evitar un embarazo prematuro. Tenía que ir al médico dos veces por semana, ver a ambos un obstétrico regular y un obstétrico de alto riesgo. Tenía que tomar mucho agua e ir al baño frecuentemente, lo cual es algo que las mujeres...
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