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Poised for progress on pesticides

Well, it's about time. The invisible problem of pesticide drift is on the policy radar in ways it's never been before — with changes in the wings that could protect kids and communities in very real ways. From California to the Midwest to our nation's capital, drift is now a focus of public concern and policy conversation. And as the science linking pesticide exposure to children's health harms continues to stack up, pressure to protect kids from pesticide drift is growing stronger as well. Here's the deal: In response to legal action by Pesticide Action Network and our partners — based in...
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Celebrating Seasonality and Strengthening Culture

In his engrossing new book, The Third Plate, Dan Barber observes that our present food system is disconnected: It operates in silos: vegetables here, animals there, grains somewhere else – each component part separate from the others and unhitched to any kind of culture.
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NFL is letting a player off the hook for assaulting his wife. Can you take a second to sign and share this petition?

People are outraged over the news that the NFL is letting a player off the hook for assaulting his wife. Can you take a second to sign and share this petition?
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Even Republicans like their ACA plans!

Even Republicans like their Affordable Care Act plans! A recent poll by The Commonwealth Fund showed that overall, 78% of Americans who signed up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act are satisfied with their coverage. Even 74% of the Republicans who signed up say they are satisfied with their new plans! The Affordable Care Act is working. Nationwide, the rate of uninsured Americans is dropping at a record pace. The reason is clear - new coverage options under the Affordable Care Act have made health coverage affordable and accessible to millions of adults and children. It is important...
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Sign now: Congress→ Raise the minimum wage

Today marks the five year anniversary since the last time the federal minimum wage was raised. Workers making only $15,080 per year haven't seen a raise in five long years. This is hurting women, families, and our economy. It's time to tell Congress to #RaisetheWage!
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Dear Sears and Walmart: About Your Breastfeeding Faux Pas, A New Pilot Project Could Save You (And Other Businesses) Millions

We all watched with shaking heads this week as a Sears security employee posted screen shots of breastfeeding mothers that he captured from Sears security cameras. The twitterverse unleashed its fury, citing the obvious concern about violating the privacy of these unsuspecting mothers and the obvious stupidity of an employee who should know better.
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CHIP'ing Away At Getting Kids Covered

I’ve written extensively about my experiences with febrile seizures. From the first one that rocked my world to the latest just a few short months ago.
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House Set to Vote on Child Tax Credit Improvement* Act (*Improvement Not Included)

Improvement. It’s a subjective word, I guess. Otherwise how does H.B. 4935 get to call itself the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act of 2014? The House is set to vote on the bill this week , and although it sounds like a winner, for millions of low-income working families it is exactly the opposite. First, a little background. The Child Tax Credit was created in 1997 to help families meet the expenses of raising children. Since then, it has had a couple of edits (dare I say improvements ?) that make it more valuable to lower-income families. In 2003, the credit value was raised from $500 to $1,...
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G is for Greens Part 1: Growing Mesclun and Collards

Greens get a bad rap, and it's not fair. Because they're easy to grow, they taste awesome, and they're really good for you, too! I'll admit: getting kids to eat greens can be particularly challenging, as they're something of the epitome of the "vegetable". But drawing them into the process of planting, growing, cooking, eating and, yes, crafting, can help. I'm going to share tips for bringing greens into your life, from seed to plate. First, let's look at growing greens. Here's how to get started. There are lots and lots of types of greens out there - from tender-leafed salad greens to the...
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#FoodFri Tweetchat: The Truth About Kids' Sports and Sport Snacks

Children's sports and sports snacks seem to go hand in hand, but should they? It's a proven fact that healthy children do better in schools . Children's sports play an integral role in keeping children healthy. It fills the gap left by the closing of physical education classes . It gets children moving in a fun, safe enviroment. It also aids in academic success . Yet, the benefits of children's sports can be offset by the snacks served during the event. Join us this Friday, July 25. 2014 at 1pm, EST on Twitter to learn the truth about children's sports and sports snacks. Hear from @CSPI , @...
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