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5 more days - #NH posting from #FITN central

Only 5 more days! New Hampshire is crazier than ever. I thought that we would get some clarity after the Iowa Caucuses, but if anything the path ahead is only murkier. With so few days and remaining I wish I could offer a great nugget of wisdom or some sharp insight into what Granite Staters will...
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Thirsty Families, Undocumented Immigrants & #FlintWater Next Steps at #FoodFri

A community poisoned. Rashes, hair loss and unexplained illnesses. Children exposed to lead. Development halted before it even had a chance. The future is dismal for many of the young ones. Decreased IQ, behavorial and cognitive problems and a range of other health issues lie ahead. It sounds like...
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A Muslim Mom's Visit Today with President Obama

Today I was very honored to be one of the participants at a roundtable discussion today with President Obama when he visited a Baltimore-area mosque. It was a historic moment as it was the first time in his presidency to visit a mosque in the United States. It was also a personally significant...
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Are you ready to FEEL GOOD?!

A couple weeks ago I came down with a violent 48 hour stomach bug. After my illness, as I slowly regained my strength, I continued to feel “off” for days afterwards. My mood and energy level were low, my joints felt stiff and I had lost my joie de vivre. As I stewed in this malaise, one day it hit...
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Take Action!

Demand Justice And Solutions For Flint! #FlintWaterCrisis

As parents, we do all we can to keep our kids healthy. And we rely on our government to make sure we have access to essentials like clean water. That shouldn't change depending on what color we are, our income level, or where we live. That's why we're beyond mad about the lead contamination of...
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Budget Season Begins: What to Watch For

Less than two months after FY16 appropriations were wrapped up in December, Congress and the Obama Administration are already working on FY17 budgets. President Obama is technically required to submit his budget proposal to Congress by the first Monday of February, but that timeline has slipped to March or April in past years. This year, President Obama is scheduled to release his requested FY17 budget – the last budget of his Administration – on February 9, formally kicking off the new budget season.
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Moms Group Praises President Obama’s Actions on Equal Pay

Earlier today, President Obama instructed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to work with the Department of Labor to require large companies to report pay data on race, gender and ethnicity in an effort to uncover disparities in pay that are not based on performance. In reaction to the...
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No Working Woman Should Have to Wait Decades to Receive Equal Pay

It took Lilly Ledbetter over two decades to discover her wages were being docked at work because of her gender. Even then, Lilly only discovered she wasn’t being paid equally thanks to an anonymous note slipped to her by a well-intentioned co-worker. As we celebrate the seventh anniversary of the...
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Cooking With Children: Tips, Recipes and Success Stories #FoodFri

As a Mom, I want my children to learn to cook. Learning to cook offers children life benefits. From learning where food comes from to saving money, cooking has it's perks. Please join #FoodFri this Friday from 10-11 am PT/1-2 pm ET as MomsRising and CSPI chat about cooking with children. They'll be...
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The Obama Administration Takes Steps to Reduce Child Hunger

Clint Mitchell is an elementary school principal in Prince William County, Virginia. He doesn’t like to test students at the end of the month. Why? Because their families are running out of food by then – their SNAP benefits don’t last the whole month. I heard him at a White House Conversation on...
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