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Blog Carnival: A Celebration of Women's History Month & Building an Intersectional Movement

March 26, 2015
In the spirit of Women's History Month and in honor of our foremothers whose shoulders we stand on, we hope you'll join us in celebrating their legacy, exploring the issues facing women and families today, and committing to being the best allies possible to one another and in all communities.
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Una Historia Personal: Alimentación Más Derechos de Los Estudiantes Inmigrantes

April 13, 2015
Era el día de San Valentín del 2001. Tenía ocho años de edad cuando mis padres y yo cruzamos la frontera de EE.UU. provenientes de Zacatecas, México en busca de las mejores oportunidades que podía ofrecer el llamado “Sueño Americano”. Durante varias generaciones, mi familia se ganó la vida a través...
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A Story of Self: Food + Immigrant Student Rights

April 3, 2015
It was Valentine’s Day, 2001. I was eight years old when my parents and I crossed the U.S border from Zacatecas Mexico, in search of better opportunities that the so-called “American Dream” had to offer. Through several generations my family made a living from agriculture; we grew corn, the maiz...
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¡Ya Basta De Ataques a Nuestras Familias Inmigrantes!

March 5, 2015
¿Latinos, que nos pasa? Los Republicanos en el Congreso #114 atacan a nuestras familias, amigos, vecinos, y/o conocidos inmigrantes sin escrúpulos con iniciativas de deportación masivas para DREAMERS y todo inmigrante, con una fuerte oposición para NO implementar una reforma migratoria integral,...
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¿Qué Pueden Hacer Los Indocumentados Para Obtener Una Reforma Migratoria?

March 2, 2015
CLEVELAND- En junio de 2013 formé junto a varias personas de todas partes del país, un grupo llamado TNTweeters . Un grupo orgánico, que nació para organizarse en las redes sociales para enviar mensajes diarios a los congresistas pidiendo pusieran a votación el proyecto bipartidista del Senado, la...
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La Importancia de Hacerse Ciudadanos Americanos

February 24, 2015
Cuando decimos que apoyamos una reforma migratoria, ¿ qué estamos dispuestos a hacer para conseguirla? El sistema migratorio de los Estados Unidos no funciona acorde a los tiempos que corren y nos afecta, sobre todo a la comunidad latina, directa o indirectamente. Ya sea que queremos una reforma...
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New Country, New Home

January 15, 2015
Blistering heat assaulted my face and dried out my mouth instantly as we left the airport terminal. My mother ushered me into a taxi. The air in the backseat was hot and gritty, it pinched the back of my legs and crunched between my teeth. From my window I could see a silhouette of a lone mountain...
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Celebrating a Step Forward for Children in Immigrant Families

December 12, 2014
Today marks the 4th year that children from around the country have come to the nation’s capital as part of We Belong Together’s 2014 Wish for the Holidays Campaign to deliver letters written by thousands of children calling for the reform of immigration policies to keep families together. Last night, we celebrated four years of amazing letters and drawings at a reception and exhibit at the National Education Association.
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President Obama Acts to Right Wrongs That Affront Our Ideals

November 24, 2014
I was at a rally in front of the White House on Friday organized by Casa de Maryland in which we chanted "We've got your back!" As a mom and grandma, I believe it's really important to support the President's actions to give temporary legal status to parents of citizen or legal resident children...
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