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Let's Back These Kids Up!

December 5, 2013
Three weeks ago, my children wrote letters to Congress asking them to keep families together as part of a campaign highlighting the consequences of our outdated immigration policies. Currently, 5.5 million U.S.-born children in mixed status homes run the risk of being separated from one or both parents. Now there's a way for adults to participate in this action as well. We Belong Together , the women's coalition that spearheaded the children's letter-writing campaign, just came up with a clickable e-card tool allowing adults to easily send letters of their own. I tried it and it took me less...
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La Ley del Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Precio / Obamacare: ¿Qué hay en esta ley para las familias inmigrantes?

November 26, 2013
To read this article in English, click here . "¿Si los padres tratan de inscribir a su hijo en un plan de seguro médico, se les solicitará documentos de inmigración?" “¿Existen opciones para el cuidado de mi salud como un adulto inmigrante?” Al momento del lanzamiento del mercado para el seguro de salud a principios de Octubre, / Mamá organizó un chat en español en twitter. Escuchamos este tipo de preguntas una y otra vez. La confusión sobre si los niños inmigrantes y los adultos cumplen con los requisitos para tener cobertura de salud bajo la Ley del Cuidado de...
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Advocates Fasting for Families Embody the Strength and Determination of the Immigration Reform Movement

November 21, 2013
Over the past year, the calls for action on immigration reform have been loud and unwavering. Activists have been arrested for staging sit-ins at their congressional representatives’ offices , DREAMers and their families have risked deportation to bring attention to the cause, and thousands have marched on Washington demanding that Congress do something to fix our broken immigration system. But sometimes the quietest acts of political protest can be the most powerful. This week I visited the National Mall, just a stone’s throw away from the capitol, and walked into a tent with a sign that...
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The Affordable Care Act / Obamacare: What’s in it for Immigrant Families?

November 21, 2013
Para leer este artículo en español, haga clic aquí . “Will parents be asked for immigration documents if they try to enroll their child in a health insurance plan?” “Are there healthcare options for me as an adult immigrant?” At the time of the launch of the health insurance marketplace in early October, held a twitter chat en español. We heard these kind of questions over and over again. Confusion about whether immigrant children and adults qualify for healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act is the norm. So what's the scoop? Some immigrants will qualify for Medicaid...
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My Kids Participated in “A Wish for the Holidays” – Here’s How Yours Can, Too

November 12, 2013
Like every other parent out there, the winter holidays are crazy for my husband and me. Holiday shopping, the squirreling away of gifts, meals and decorations occur on top of full-time jobs and a household that includes two children. But the holidays are also a time of sit-down meals and moments of family togetherness, a time that we can savor what we have and think of those who are less fortunate. As an associate campaign director on MomsRising’s immigration team, I often think about the 5.5 million children in the United States who run the risk of being separated from one or both parents...
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Passing Immigration Reform Would Be a Boost to Our Local Economy

November 1, 2013
As a mother, grandmother and small business owner in Porterville, California, I can say for sure that each day the U.S. House of Representatives fails to act on immigration reform is a lost opportunity for our community. This negligence is mostly felt by women and children who make up two-thirds of all immigrants in our country, according to the U.S. Census . I run an at-home childcare center and am in regular contact with other childcare providers who have shared stories about children being separated from their parents while at the childcare center. Just a few days ago, childcare provider...
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LATISM '13 (Video and Pics Included!)

October 23, 2013
Photo below from left to right: me; Sylvia Aguilera, director of government relations for McDonald's Corporation; Jes Sofia Valle, CEO of the Bloggers of Health network; Ana Roca Castro, founder of LATISM, education tech developer and CEO of Plaza Familia ; and Laurita Tellado, the force behind the Holdin' Out for a Hero and Expresso con Leche communities. New York, NY -- As I mentioned in two previous blog posts here and here , I was gone three of four weekends in September for conferences. Last stop? The Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM) annual conference at the Waldorf...
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“I’m glad other women who go to the jail here will not suffer what I went through”: Nashville case against shackling finally resolved after five years

October 18, 2013
Earlier this year, I had the privilege to participate in the "Rethinking Prisons" conference at Vanderbilt University. Being on that campus, I was inspired to tell the audience about the brave Nashville resident who stood up for her dignity and sued the county sheriff for shackling her during labor – even though taking such a public stance carried risks because of her immigration status. Yesterday, Juana Villegas reached a final settlement with the Nashville and Davidson County government, which will pay almost half a million dollars to Villegas and her legal team. In a surprise move, the...
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Signing of TRUST Act makes 2013 "Year of the Immigrant" in CA

October 7, 2013
Today marks the dawn of a new era in California's immigrant communities. This victory belongs first and foremost to the brave undocumented Californians facing deportation after minor or wrongful arrests who came forward from the shadows and told their stories in hopes that other community members would not endure similar injustices. But all Californians will reap the benefits of increased trust in local law enforcement. Soon, immigrant Californians and their family members will have the confidence that minor or unjustified arrests for things like selling food without a permit or having dogs...
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Immigrants are Media Makers Telling Their Own Stories at the #11MillionDreams Storython.

September 26, 2013
There are more than 11 Million undocumented people living, working, and dreaming in the USA. We need to hear their voices and stories loud and clear during the debates over immigration policy reform. Those voices, reflections of lived experiences, should be centered and uplifted. On October 5th and 6th, in Los Angeles, Boston and everywhere where immigrants and their allies want to share their stories, there will be an event focusing on connecting those stories with tech and media tools. Immigrants, their children, and allies already have the stories. They exist in lived experiences often...
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