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Are Texas Jails Safe for Pregnant Women?

July 11, 2014
What’s going on in Texas? Jails in the state are endangering pregnant women and their fetuses, despite the state’s professed interest in “unborn babies.” In May, a woman named Nicole Guerrero filed a lawsuit against the Wichita County Jail for ignoring her when she was in labor. Locked alone in a cell, Nicole gave birth on a mat on the floor to a premature baby who died. Now a woman named Jessica De Samito in the Guadalupe County Jail worries she may face a similar fate. Jail officials are noncommittal about giving Jessica the methadone she needs to keep from going into sudden withdrawal - a...
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War on Nuns? Hobby Lobby, SCOTUS, and Nuns on the Bus

June 30, 2014
Today the Supreme Court voted in favor of Hobby Lobby's "religious freedom" to decide not to abide by the Affordable Care Act and deny contraception coverage to their employees.
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NunsRising! Stirring up Trouble For the Common Good: Nuns On The Bus – The Movie!

June 30, 2014
“Sister, you and your fellow nuns have clearly gone rogue!" -- Stephen Colbert Sister Simone Campbell was 18 years old when she joined the convent and 21 when she took her nun vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Her younger sister and best friend was dying of Hodgkin’s disease. It was the 1960’s and kids were fighting off police dogs and fire hoses while marching in the streets for their civil rights. Simone wanted to join the battle for social justice with a community inspired by the gospel. So she became a nun. Fast forward 48 years. It's 2012. The Vatican publicly reprimands American...
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Moms who DREAM

June 27, 2014
I never thought sending a Facebook “Friend Request” could impact me they way it did. One day on my Facebook wall, I noticed an organization called “DREAMers Moms”, so I sent them a friend request. I quickly received a response that they wanted me to come to a meeting in Miami, Florida. I was changed forever… The meeting overwhelmed me, and I was able to catch it on film for “Documented” (which airs June 29th on CNN). Seeing the sacrifice these mothers made for their children so they could have a brighter future, the ability to go to college, build careers they never imagined, and build their...
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Documenting Mama

June 24, 2014
On Sunday, June 29th, my story in the form of the film “Documented” will be told to the nation on CNN. A large part of my story is that I haven’t seen my mother since August 1993.
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Family separation? Not in our name!

June 23, 2014
While I was thinking about writing you this note, I remembered that when my daughter was a little girl she'd run to the door to hug me when I came home from work. Her smiles lit up the room as she'd chant, "Yay, mommy's home, mommy's home!" She never doubted I'd return home at the end of the day. But an estimated 5.5 million children who are in mixed-immigrant status families live in fear that their mom or dad might not come home at the end of the day. [1] Every day. Every. Day. This has got to change. Now. *I'm signing on to an open letter to our national leaders, and I hope you will too,...
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La reforma migratoria no puede esperar

May 14, 2014
Por Rosa El domingo pasado, por undécimo año consecutivo, llamé a mi madre para desearle un "feliz día de la madre", pero no pude verla. Soy una de los 12 millones de personas indocumentadas en Estados Unidos. Por más que quisiera ver a mi madre, ir a mi casa en Honduras podría significar no regresar a Estados Unidos. Como principal sostén de mi familia, no puedo dejar que eso suceda. Honduras es uno de los países más pobres en América Latina; un tercio de las personas que viven mi país sobrevive con menos de un dólar al día. En casa hay muy pocos puestos de trabajo y pocas oportunidades;...
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Immigration Reform Cannot Wait

May 14, 2014
Last Sunday, for the eleventh year in a row, I called my mother and wished her a “Happy Mother’s Day,” but I wasn’t able to see her. I’m one of the estimated 12 million people living in the United States without documentation. As much as I want to see my mother, going home to Honduras could mean I would not be able to return to America. As my family’s primary breadwinner, I can’t let that happen. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America; one-third of the people living in my country survive on less than one dollar a day. At home there are very few jobs and little opportunity;...
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This Week Let's Think About Mothers and Children....Everywhere

May 12, 2014
Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and caregivers out there. I hope you were able to have one of those priceless “me days” that are so restorative. There’s one group of moms I hope you’ll think about this Mother’s Day week: immigrant mothers who are separated from their children through deportation or detention. Immigrants have moved to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families, seeking the promise of opportunity that America represents. But every day more than 1,000 people are deported, tearing apart immigrant families, even forcing 17 children a day into foster...
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An act of love

May 10, 2014
What my mother did that day was the toughest act of her life--and it was an act of love.
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