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Making Climate Smart Choices for Your Family

June 5, 2014
June 5th is World Environment Day. It’s like Earth Day, celebrated here in the U.S., but for the whole wide World! Run by the United Nation Environment Program (or UNEP) it was established in 1972 by the U.N. General Assembly. In honor of World Environment Day 2014, Center for Food Safety’s Cool...
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Your Vagina Called and Said to Watch This Video

May 28, 2014
Watch the hilarious spoof music video Detox the Box on secret harmful chemicals in pads and tampons. Toxic chemicals don't belong in feminine products. Period.
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Vermont Passes Toxics Bill to Protect Kids

May 21, 2014
If you follow environmental health news, you likely know that many products on store shelves contain harmful ingredients linked to asthma, developmental disorders, infertility, cancer and other harmful health effects. Products on store shelves do not have to be proven safe before they are sold...
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Baby Non-Toxic Shopping Guide

May 12, 2014
It’s not easy for busy parents to know what the safest choices are to protect baby's health. Women's Voices for the Earth's Baby Non-Toxic Shopping Guide can help you find safer products without toxic chemicals linked to cancers, reproductive harm, and birth defects.
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Get Involved: Global Day of Action to Cut Conflict Palm Oil

May 9, 2014
When problems seem overwhelming for our children, we remind them to take things “one day at time.” Amazingly, their problems often don’t seem so big or so overwhelming anymore. On May 20, 2014, you and your family can join me and my family and thousands of other folks around the world as we take...
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Mom Taught Me To Be An Activist

May 9, 2014
I recently visited my mom for her birthday last week. She always possessed a practical, no-nonsense attitude. Mom is the personification of a hip 80 year-old, but she reminds me often that growing up during the Depression gives her the edge of realism. Her mind is as sharp as a tack, so even at her...
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What I Learned From My Mother: The Power to Change the World

May 8, 2014
My mother taught me to “reach for the stars.” My mother taught me to believe in myself and to believe deeply and passionately for all that I strive for. She told if I am true to myself, that I can accomplish anything. Today, I am a national spokesperson on climate change action and advocacy. I am...
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Why We Will Keep Rising After Defeat

May 8, 2014
It’s a sad day for those of us in Connecticut who feel strongly that more needs to be done to protect children from toxic chemicals. A bill that would have tasked the Department of Public Health (DPH) with developing a list of chemicals of high concern to children was never called for a vote on the...
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#WhatMothersNeed: For Our Children to be Protected from Toxic Chemicals

May 6, 2014
Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve been seeing more and more ads in my Facebook feed for Mother’s Day gifts. I’m not interested in a new necklace or a massage (OK a massage does sound nice…). The best gift I could possibly receive is the knowledge that the products I buy in the store for my...
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California schoolkids in harm's way

April 30, 2014
This is very powerful data. A new, first-of-its-kind report from California's Department of Health (DPH) shows that health-harming agricultural pesticides are being sprayed close to schools across the state. Not just a few pesticides, either — or a few schools. More than 500,000 California children...
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