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Protect kids from pesticide drift. Now.

July 29, 2013
Seven years. Scientists tell us that's the window in the first years of life when children are most vulnerable to pesticide harms. That's also exactly how long EPA has — so far — delayed putting rules in place to protect kids from pesticides that drift from agricultural fields. Bottom line? While regulators think about what to do, an entire generation of rural kids has experienced increased risk of harms that can last a lifetime. Health risks from early life pesticide exposure are very real, and can be serious. Science points to falling IQs, ADHD, learning disabilities, birth defects and, in...
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6 Tips for Safe and Non-Toxic Bug Repellent for Children

July 24, 2013
The bug season is here! For us up in Vermont, it is an unpleasant trifecta of mosquitoes, black flies, and deer flies. Across the East coast, wet and hot weather is creating the perfect conditions for many insects to thrive. Climate change is also causing and increase in mosquitoes and the infectious diseases they carry. What to do if you are heading into the woods, or camping with your kids? 1. Consider how buggy your location is. Do some research to figure out which insects are in season and how bothersome they are. You might find that they are only problematic at dusk and dawn. In that...
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Secret Toxic Chemicals: From the SC Johnson Family to Yours

July 23, 2013
You know that SC Johnson commercial that’s on 24/7 about how they they disclose all ingredients right down to fragrance? (Except that they don’t.) We spoofed it. Watch to get the real story!
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Going to Summer School to Protect Our Kids’ Health

July 16, 2013
There’s a saying in Maryland that to kill a bill, you send it to summer study. Well, last week the Maryland Pesticide Reporting and Information Workgroup met for the first time in Annapolis – and we’re here to make sure these summer students turn their homework in on time. Whether you are a mom from Maryland or Michigan, whether you have kids or once were a kid, getting more information about pesticides can only be good for our health. But if no one is paying attention this summer, we could lose again.
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5 Ways to Avoid Toxins in Food Packaging

July 16, 2013
You've probably heard about BPA in the news a few years ago. The chemical BPA (or bisphenol A) in baby bottles and water bottles was all over the press and led to the FDA banning the hormone disrupting chemical from baby bottles and sippy cups in 2012. But did you know that BPA still lurks in many places in our food supply and packaging? That's the focus of this week's #EcoTipTue on Twitter. This week we have Ana, a special guest from Healthy Child, Healthy World , who provides great resources for parents about raising healthy kids. We'll be talking about toxins in food packaging--what they...
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Stand Up for Your Local Parks

July 10, 2013
Think about the green and leafy places that make your town such a great place to raise a family. Maybe it’s the trail along the lake where you taught your kiddo to ride a bike. The community garden where he grew his first tomato. Or the neighborhood dog park where the whole brood goes to burn off some energy. No matter where you live, you’ve probably clocked countless hours at the playground. My two-year-old and I spend so much time at our corner park, I feel like the mayor. Where else can I take a shrieking toddler who has awoken ready to party at an hour before most of the adult world has...
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Plastic Free: Book Review and Guest on #EcoTipTue

July 8, 2013
(First posted at Non-Toxic Kids . Join Katy from Non-Toxic Kids, author Beth Terry, and MomsRising this Tuesday for #EcoTipTue. We'll discuss how plastic is bad for our health and the planet-- and how we all can take simple steps to reduce our usage. Beth is super funny and full of great advice!) I've written about Beth Terry here before . You might remember her blog, Fake Plastic Fish (now My Plastic Free Life) , where she started gathering and weighing her weekly plastic use. Inspired by a dramatic photo of a dead sea bird whose insides were riddled with plastic, Beth was spurred into...
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Chemical trespass: Big burden, little bodies

July 5, 2013
Ed Brown's new movie Unacceptable Levels tells the story of chemicals in our bodies: how they get there, what it means to our health, how in the world it can be legal, and what we can do about it. All this from the perspective of a young dad contemplating the food his family eats, the water they drink and that cute little rubber duck his kids chew on. Brown's personal journey, as he pulls back the veil on our chemically-saturated world, is well worth watching. I'll be at the film's July 11 screening in San Francisco along with other staff from PAN — if you're in the Bay Area, please join us!...
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6 Ways to Avoid Toxic Flame Retardant Chemicals (and why we should!)

July 1, 2013
Where were you on Tuesday night, and what are you sitting on right now? If you were able to come to #EcoTipTue this past week, you might have heard more about flame retardant chemical in our homes-- especially in our couches. Flame retardant chemicals have been getting a LOT of bad press lately. What's the problem, you ask? It's only a cushy place to rest after you have fed the kids, read to them, put them down for the night, and done all the dishes, emails, and phone calls? Yeah, that place. It has a dark side. Veena, a staff scientist from The Green Science Policy Institute, joined us for...
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June 28, 2013
The staff members who attended Netroots Nation from left to right: Angélique Roché, dream hampton, Elisa Batista, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Karen Showalter, and Anita Sarah Jackson SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Six staff members were in San Jose, California last week to partake in a series of activities at the Netroots Nation activism conference. It's a place where grassroots and Internet activists can swap ideas on issues and best practices. What was especially exciting for us is that our issues -- namely, family economic security -- were front and center at the conference...
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