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Useless Baggage

April 28, 2013
They’ve hit a new low. Citing significant concerns about long lines at airports and flight delays caused by the furlough of air-traffic controllers, Congress is allowing the Federal Aviation Administration to override strict sequestration rules and re-direct funds within its budget. And they did so with lightning speed. With their big fuss over aviation punctuality, lawmakers make it clear that they're not feeling the pain felt by the majority of Americans. Their message: In the United States it’s fine to wait — and face a steep climb — for housing, health care, cancer treatment, a pre-school...
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Tell Retailers: No More Hazardous 100+ Chemicals!

April 25, 2013
Does this supermarket scene sound familiar? I’ve got a shopping list in my hand, an empty fridge back home, and a wailing toddler at my side whose having a full blown supermarket meltdown. I don’t have time to meander in the aisles: I have dinner to make, a toddler to soothe, and five minutes before this tantrum reaches a whole new volume. My grocery list isn’t the only list that shows up in store aisles. There’s also a list of 100 extremely toxic chemicals called the Hazardous 100+ and because of faulty legislation, they’re allowed to legally appear in consumer goods that we purchase...
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ADHD & autism rates up, again. Prevention anyone?

April 17, 2013
Experts at CDC recently released another round of data on how many kids in the U.S. are affected by autism and ADHD . The numbers are, once again, dramatically up. One in five boys are now diagnosed with ADHD by the time they reach high school. And one in 50 kids are on the autism spectrum, up from 1 in 88 just last spring. Interestingly, some of the news stories on these latest trends are — finally — noting the science linking pesticides and other chemicals with derailed brain development. This is exactly where the conversation needs to go. While there's still some simmering debate about...
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Thanks for Helping Pass A Preliminary MD Pesticide Reporting & Information Law!

April 9, 2013
Recent editorials in the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun underscored what YOU have been telling our Maryland legislators the past few months- we need a pesticide use reporting data base! It takes a village to pass a good bill and you all are important members of our village. Thank you for your calls and e-mails - they made a difference! Despite significant opposition from the Farm Bureau, the Agribusiness Industry and the Lawn Care and Pest Control Industry, with your help and the help of so many Maryland moms, they were not able to undermine our efforts. Instead, an amended Maryland...
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Healthy environment for healthy children

March 28, 2013
Recently I and other land advocates from all over the country had the pleasure and honor of meeting with congress, senators and house or representatives from around the country to discuss and lobby for land laws that would affect urban agriculture, community gardens and the usage of green open spaces. I was there representing my beloved Brooklyn, NY and was asked to share the connections I've witnessed in education between environment, access and health. The links between the three are incredibly strong and profound. My Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood has managed to find itself with many...
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We're down to the wire in Maryland

March 12, 2013
We’re down to the wire. Industry has defeated the Maryland Pesticide Reporting Act three times . If we want a win, we need to use our outside voices, and we need to use them now. Moms across Maryland are worried about the impact of dangerous toxic chemicals on their families’ health. We’ve got a first step to protect Maryland families from pesticides, but we need your help. The Maryland Senate and House committees are scheduled to vote any day now. Tell your legislators: Support the Maryland Pesticide Reporting and Information Act, and protect Maryland’s littlest constituents! action...
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Insisting on the Right-to-Know Pesticides in Maryland

March 8, 2013
You would think getting a sane right-to-know bill passed in the Maryland legislature right now would be a done deal—right? Not so much. Industry opposition has killed a safe, sane and not-at-all burdensome Pesticide Reporting and Information Act, currently being considered by Maryland legislators, the three previous times it’s been introduced. Our public health and environmental experts, who are working to protect us, have been denied data to help them determine which pesticides may be impacting our children’s health and our waterways. This bill will provide them with that knowledge.
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Are We Sending Our Kids Mixed Messages on Junk Food in Schools?

March 7, 2013
In today’s MomsRising blog carnival on junk-free schools, you’ll be reading about all kinds of ways to make sure snacks and other foods sold in schools are better for our kids. But we could be completely undermining those efforts without even realizing it – if we don’t start addressing another critical aspect of our kids’ experience at school. As you’ve probably read, the USDA has just proposed a new nationwide “Smart Snacks in School” rule: for the first time ever, foods sold anywhere on school property – not just as part of the school meal program – will be required to meet nutrition...
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Protecting Our Kids from Toxic Chemicals - CT is on the Brink of a Big Step

March 7, 2013
I remember very clearly the day I first learned that the vast majority of chemicals used in consumer products are unregulated by the government. Until that point I believed (as many people mistakenly do) that if I could buy it in a store it must have passed safety testing. Boy was I wrong. Out of the nearly 80,000 synthetic chemicals in commerce, less that 5% have ever undergone testing. Needless to say, that very day I cleared out my shampoo, body lotion and makeup for safer alternatives I found using the Skin Deep database . Then I got pregnant with my first child. When I was pregnant I did...
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Moving to Safety First, for Our Children's Health

March 5, 2013
[Crossposted from the Huffington Post ] When is a flame retardant not a flame retardant? When it is no more effective in retarding flames than, well, nothing. Since fire safety experts and government studies say that chemical flame retardants as they are used in many products are not effective, maybe we should stop calling them flame retardants. Recently nonprofits from seven states announced that nap mats used in daycares nationwide contain harmful flame retardant chemicals, including a flame retardant that has been linked to cancer and others linked to hormone disruption and other serious...
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