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Chemical Safety. Someone Should Care a Whole Awful Lot.

November 23, 2013
It’s March 2001 and a British man steps out of a blue police box and says that I will someday be grateful for the acute myelogenous leukemia (Agent Orange- related cancer) that has just killed my father. He promises that the next half-dozen years my mother and I will spend spinning in the revolving...
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Avoid Toxic Jewelry this Holiday Season (especially for children)

November 20, 2013
What’s in your child’s jewelry box? If you anything like many parents, its full of various play jewelry, presents from friends and family, and your own cast offs. Is anything in your child’s collection from Walmart, or Claire’s? Our friends at Washington Toxics released an alarming report about...
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Moms on Climate - Our Time is Now

November 15, 2013
When I learned that Mom’s Rising was hosting a teleconference and twitter chat with the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy, I was thrilled; so thrilled, in fact, that I tweeted the following: “#MomsonClimate We see this national call as an important turning point for...
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Why I'm going to the MomsRising and EPA Teleconference and TwitterChat

November 12, 2013
The EPA is asking for our input. From people like you and me. Regular parents. They want to know what you think about climate, clean air and child's health. This week, MomsRising is hosting a teleconference and TwitterChat with none other than Gina McCarthy, head of the EPA. Here's why I am...
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Argentina's GE odyssey tells powerful global tale

November 10, 2013
In the spring of 2012, we profiled a courageous mother from Argentina who took on Monsanto to protect her children and her community from pesticide harms. Sofia Gatica received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for her inspiring organizing efforts. Now the story continues. The Associated...
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A Doctor Tells the EPA About Why We Need Carbon Emissions Standards

November 8, 2013
All day yesterday, the EPA held a public hearing for comments regarding proposals to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants. Here is what I said during my speaking slot last night: Existing power plants create 38 percent of the carbon pollution in the United States, making them the largest...
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Are you a worried mom or dad? EPA is listening

November 5, 2013
Why are you worried about clean air and/or climate change? What questions and suggestions do you have? Me? I worry about the toxins and greenhouse gasses in the air that provoke breathing problems and also contribute to climate change. I worry because my daughter, Cole, was severely asthmatic from...
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Supporting the Stroller Brigade and Toxics Action Day from Vermont!

October 28, 2013
Parents are descending on Washington D.C. next week to demand toxic chemical reform and to protect our kids and the public health-- and I'm with them in spirit for the Stroller Brigade and Toxics Action Day. I'm a BIG fan of parent activism, grassroots, real folks, bringing their message to...
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It’s October. Are you Beyond the Pink?

October 24, 2013
The color of October used to be orange, as leaves died and pumpkins arrived on the scene. But now the color of October is pink, in the form of pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness appearing on everything from yogurt, Sharpies, football helmets, cereal and more. It’s time to move beyond the pink...
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Moms Who Roar Get Heard - Time to Roar for Clean Air

October 24, 2013
Because moms and family members across the country united our voices and signed on to’s petitions and letters calling on our government to defend clean air and fight climate change…. We were LOUD, and we were HEARD. Here's how we know: Before the business of government was so rudely...
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