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Mother's Day #TBT Tribute to my #MomHero

May 8, 2014
In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, here's a #TBT to my #momhero and me.
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What Do Mothers Need? Family Friendly Workplaces

May 7, 2014
For a country that claims to value families, the United States does little to show it when it comes to the workplace.
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Happy Anniversary Paid Family Leave - Let's Spread the Word

May 7, 2014
As we prepare for the 10th anniversary of the implementation of Paid Family Leave, California Work & Family Coalition members have a lot to be excited about.
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What I Learned from My Mom

May 7, 2014
My mother taught me how to sew. From darning my dad's socks in grade school to hemming skirts in high school to sewing curtains for a first home to creating new masterpieces from fabric that was worn and torn and needed to be re-imagined and re-designed. Life's curves and challenges pull and wear at the threads of our cloth. We need to keep moving and pull it together the best we can. Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother's Day. In the challenges that my life has brought, I have been blessed to meet many others along the way that have woven their way into my world. What their mom has taught them, also...
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Moms Know How to Unite Us: Congress Should Follow their Lead and Pass FAMILY Act

May 5, 2014
Mothers often act us “uniters” in families, whether it’s settling petty sibling squabbles, or managing the more serious rifts and challenges that so many families face. And, more and more, moms bring families together as primary or sole breadwinners. Given this role, perhaps it’s not surprising that public policies to support working moms – and all working parents for that matter – also tend to unite Americans. In 2014, let’s celebrate Mother’s Day by calling upon Congress to follow moms’ lead and come together around a national paid family and medical leave insurance program . Here in the...
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Where is the love for #BlkBfing? Join the 2/12 chat!

February 8, 2014
The #BlkBfing chat is back on 2/12 at 7 PM ET with a powerful conversation on the hidden importance of support for successful breastfeeding from family support and nursing in stores to workplace pumping and family leave. The chat is hosted by MomsRising , , mater mea and Women's eNews . Our guests and co-sponsors include: Breastfeeding ROSE Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association HealthConnect One Mocha Manual They will address questions like, "What should a bfing woman know to prepare for returning to work or school?" and "What should a significant other know about sex during the...
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Companies Should Support Parents, Not Undermine Them

October 31, 2013
As public pressure continues to grow on food, beverage, restaurant, and entertainment companies to limit unhealthy food marketing to children, companies are pushing back and trying to shift the blame from their products and marketing tactics to parents. Industry talking points emphasize the importance of personal responsibility, and argue that if mom really wants to reduce her child’s exposure to food advertising, it’s up to her to just turn off the television and ignore her child begging for junk food in the cereal aisle. But are we also supposed to keep our children out of schools, off the...
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Healthy and Creative Alternatives For Halloween

October 31, 2013
I know Halloween only comes once a year and what harm can it possibly do, but why shouldn’t we at least try to go a healthier route with our children this time of year? After all, with such a high increase of obesity and diabetes in young children, why not begin the journey to a healthier life starting with a fun “holiday” they love? I like to respect the views of all people. This is part of why I have changed my way of thinking and my approach to Halloween. I have chosen a healthier and more creative route for my own trick-or-treaters and my classroom children. For one thing, we switched it...
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Give Back & Have a Healthier Halloween

October 31, 2013
Halloween in our house, like many others, is full of excitement – from carving pumpkins, decorating, and picking costumes, it’s a time of year both my daughter and I look forward too. I’ve always wanted to show my daughter that Halloween is much more than ‘trick-or-treating’ and getting bags full of candy. It’s great to see communities come together and get in the Halloween spirit. The neighborhood we enjoy visiting on Halloween is truly incredible, all the houses are decorated, people are on their steps passing out candy, and often times there is apple cider! While my daughter is focused on...
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Food Marketing to Kids: Real Progress Requires Better Protections

October 31, 2013
Food marketers are pioneers on the frontier of marketing, producing some of the most engaging and sophisticated advertising around. Too bad they are using such creativity to target kids with sugar, salt, fat and other junk. The examples come so fast we can barely keep track of them (though we try at Digital Ads ). Food marketers are enticing kids to eat unhealthy foods with flashy advergames, contests, and coupons sent directly to their cell phones. Even TV commercials tie into online “webisodes” and other engaging content that can absorb kids for hours on end. Add to that cartoon characters...
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