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Blog Carnival!

A MomsRising Celebration of Mothers - First Lady Joins Actors, Authors, Artists, Journalists, Politicos, and Others to Share “Lessons from Mom” for Mother’s Day

May 9, 2014
This Mother’s Day, celebrities, politicians, and others including First Lady Michelle Obama, Arianna Huffington, Christy Turlington Burns, Mayim Bialik, Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, Leader Nancy Pelosi, Emily Saliers (of the Indigo Girls), CraigsList founder Craig Newmark and others are sharing the important lessons they learned from their mothers in the first-ever MomsRising Celebration of Mothers!
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Jumping In The Deep End

May 9, 2014
Jae, Meema, Love, Boid, Aunt Jae, Puzzle, Jane, Grandma Jae, and Mom. All of these names were used for one woman—a woman who loved to live life fully, to skinny dip in mountain lakes, to explore balsam wooded paths, vivid art, and ideas. Gauguin, Picasso, Cezanne, the free Smithsonian museums were...
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What I Learned From My Mother: The Power to Change the World

May 8, 2014
My mother taught me to “reach for the stars.” My mother taught me to believe in myself and to believe deeply and passionately for all that I strive for. She told if I am true to myself, that I can accomplish anything. Today, I am a national spokesperson on climate change action and advocacy. I am...
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My Mom never, ever gives up.

May 9, 2014
My Mom never, ever gives up. In her gentle and cheerful way, she never gives up. Mom is 92 years old, she's had health and other challenges galore, and she never gives up. She is grounded in her faith in God. That faith has empowered her to face one obstacle after another with patience and grace...
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Blog Carnival!

Connecting Kids To Coverage! A Blog Carnival On Continuing Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment

May 12, 2014
Having health coverage opens the door to better access to health care and also greater financial security for the family. Check out our blog carnival all about it!
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Safe and Loved

May 8, 2014
Once upon a time in Seattle, a little girl went downtown with her mother and baby sister and had a grand adventure. They may have shopped at Frederick & Nelson’s. They could have sipped milkshakes in the Paul Bunyan Room. But the excitement meter started spinning like crazy when the car broke...
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Oh the Lessons You Can Learn from Recycled Art! (Thanks Mom.)

May 8, 2014
When I was in elementary school, my mom (an artist) and I (decidedly not an artist) entered a recycled art contest being held in a local park.
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I learned from my mom to never accept a lousy seat in a restaurant

May 9, 2014
My mother Kay Smith, who is now 92, taught me so much….I learned from my mom to never accept a lousy seat in a restaurant. Usually women are seated by the kitchen and I always speak up—and am moved. She taught me to immediately call or send a message when someone is in trouble or has lost a loved...
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My mother taught me to be frugal in all areas except

May 9, 2014
My mother taught me to be frugal in all areas except the following:
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My mom has taught me that in life you’ve always got to give of yourself first

May 9, 2014
My mom has taught me that in life you’ve always got to give of yourself first. She pushed through as a single mom to give me the best bilingual education there was. My mom always somehow managed to be there for us, even though she had to make it work. Once she remarried things were a bit different...
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