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What I Learned from My Mom

May 7, 2014
My mother taught me how to sew. From darning my dad's socks in grade school to hemming skirts in high school to sewing curtains for a first home to creating new masterpieces from fabric that was worn and torn and needed to be re-imagined and re-designed. Life's curves and challenges pull and wear at the threads of our cloth. We need to keep moving and pull it together the best we can. Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother's Day. In the challenges that my life has brought, I have been blessed to meet many others along the way that have woven their way into my world. What their mom has taught them, also...
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Moms Know How to Unite Us: Congress Should Follow their Lead and Pass FAMILY Act

May 5, 2014
Mothers often act us “uniters” in families, whether it’s settling petty sibling squabbles, or managing the more serious rifts and challenges that so many families face. And, more and more, moms bring families together as primary or sole breadwinners. Given this role, perhaps it’s not surprising that public policies to support working moms – and all working parents for that matter – also tend to unite Americans. In 2014, let’s celebrate Mother’s Day by calling upon Congress to follow moms’ lead and come together around a national paid family and medical leave insurance program . Here in the...
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National School Lunch Week with Healthy Food! A MomsRising Blog Carnival #HealthyEdu

October 11, 2013
Welcome to the MomsRising blog carnival for National School Lunch Week with Healthy Food! We're delighted that you're here and we have many thoughtful, informative posts for you from a diverse group authors as you scroll down this page. Today starts National School Lunch Week and this is a critically important issue for our nation, and for my family. At the age of 15, my son was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. His diagnosis not only affected his life, it affected our family's life. The lifestyle changes I made, the way I cooked, limiting sweets and incorporating...
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Nuevas Opciones de Cuidado de Salud son una Gran Avance para la Salud de los Latinos: Un Carnaval de Entradas de Blog de MamasConPoder / MomsRising Celebrando el Mes de la Hispanidad

August 30, 2014
Es el Mes de la Hispanidad y la celebración de este año coincide con otra fecha histórica: el 1ero de Octubre de 2013 marca el primer día en el cual millones de estadounidenses sin seguros de salud podrán tener los requisitos para una cobertura de salud amplia a través de los nuevos mercados de seguros de salud estadales. Los Latinos tendrán mucho que ganar. De 48 millones de estadounidenses sin seguro, un tercio son Latinos y al menos la mitad podrá tener los requisitos para obtener ayuda financiera para pagar el seguro de salud. Esto representa un capítulo y una época nueva en la salud, la...
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